June 27, 2013

Dear Pinky

Last month I was prompted to write a letter to my readers
and this month I wanted to write a letter to myself.

Dear Pinky,

WOW, life is good. Crazy busy, but good.

Since that fateful February Sunday your world has changed
for the better
and you are moving towards your wedding day.


The day you dreamed about, but weren't sure
would actually get here.

It's been a rough dating road, but you've w e a t h e r e d
the storms
and found the calm that is C.

And oh, he is so calm compared to you
and your mach 2304830284 personality.

But, as you know, that fact that you are opposites
and not the same
work so well for the two of you.

Does 'being opposites' grate on both
of your nerves at times?!? DUH!

However, you both have learned patience
communication and how to
\FLIPPIN' JUST RELAX/ and move on with life.

What an amazing concept huh?

It only took you 30 years to learn that lesson.

Oh wait, did I mention you are the big THREE-OH
right now?!?!

Yeah, you are and you know what, you're rockiit.  

Speaking of rocking it, your family is your rock.

100% unconditional love in that Brady Bunch dynamic.

Of course you already knew this, but planning your wedding
has brought out a WHOLE
LeVeL of love. It's pretty *incredible* I must say.

Too incredible to really explain,
but you want for nothing when it comes everything
and they are RIGHT there to help you
when you are STRESSED
or annoyed
or ready to just elope [yes that thought has happenedonceortwice]

Yet, you know, a wedding here, surrounded by everyone
that LOVES you and Le Fiance,
will be the best thing in the world.

THE BESTESTEST! NO matter what happens.

So, sweet sweet Pinky, I leave you with this. 

Your life is peaches and cream right now,
so enjoy it.
hardships are going to come, and things will get
r o c k y.
BUT, you will always be able to look back to now.

The true beginning of your 'adulthood' persay.

Life is glitter and pink and butterflies,
don't let ANYONE take that away!

x's and o's and sugary love,


Jenn said...

Life is certainly good, and incredibly exciting! Having family and friends around who support and celebrate you and your happiness helps with that, too! Excited to be here for you as we approach your special day, and the days after :)

Anonymous said...

I've thought of eloping too!!! Glad I didn't though... The actual wedding day was worth it all!

Anonymous said...

Not even going to lie.. I had to go back to your engagement post.. I literally cried! How cute!


Carolyn said...

I love this. :) You're going to get married and you and C are going to live the happiest life together! I can't wait to see your kickball babies. HAHAHAHAHA!

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

You know, actually not that much changes after the "I do"s, at least that hwo it was for us. I thought it SHOULD feel different, but just didn't,m it felt natural to us ;-) Enjoy the last months of yor engagement and the wedding planning ;-)