June 4, 2013

Monthly Goals/Recaps

1] Order Bridesmaid dresses - COMPLETED at the beginning of the month and I JUST got an email saying they are shipping, wahoo!

2] Get Save the Dates in the Mail/compile addresses - Thank freakin' goodness these were sent mid May. I was a major stress ball because they weren't out and it all came to a head with a few tears. They are out and everyone loves them so I'm excited!

3] Switch over fall/winter for spring/summer wardrobe - FINALLY! I love my spring/summer wardrobe so much and am SO glad I was able to get this complete. Yesterday C helped me move my bins down to the storage area so this one gets a CHECK CHECK DONE!

4] REGISTER!!!! - Done and FUN! It was a bit of a process in the beginning but C and I both had a good time with the register gun. I've also grouped ALL of my registries together under register360 and it's AWESOME!

5] Contact DJ/Videographer - Contacted and DJ is almost paid in full. Our friend is going to be our videographer and I'm so excited!

6] Sign Contracts/Pay Deposits for Florist/Photographer - Florist check is IN the mail and photographer was paid earlier this month. WOOHOO, another thing that's official :)!

7] Begin Invitation Process - I've started this a bit, with the help of a LOVELY blog friend, but I need to decide what I want and how formal/informal I want them to look.

8] Workout in the mornings 3x a week - I missed one week but I'm still giving myself a Green. I really made an effort to get up in the mornings and at least do a Jillian Micheals ab workout online. I've found that I feel so much better in the mornings when I work out, so I'm REALLY going to try and keep it up in June too.

9] Do At Least THREE NON-Wedding Related and FUN Things with C
-These were completed the first week in May I believe, haha. Guess I took this seriously huh?!?! We attended two playoff hockey games for the Caps [dagger on the second one] and then did a few date night dinners out an about. I really think we need to keep this up, because we are starting to get to crunch wedding time and I DON'T only wanna be STRESSED. He's my best friend and lovah and I wanna appreciate him and I together NOW.

10] Lose X pounds - UGH barftastic on this one. I was so up and down with my eating that no progress really was made. I'm jumping into June with a clean slate for clean eats.

1] Decide on and order invitations - I still only vaguely have an idea of what I want. Need to scour Pinterest and websites before deciding on a design. Definitely want something old fashioned, but still trendy if that makes sense.

2] Finalize groom/groomsmen suit - We know the color, we just need to man up and buy the suits for the C and the groomsmen.

3] Schedule appointment for cake tasting in Cincy and find bakery in DC - C and I will be in Cincy in July and I need to schedule our cake tasting ASAP so we don't miss out. I'm excited for CAKE!

4] Schedule tasting for reception hall -Our coordinator told me this needed to be done by July, so hopefully we can get something done early!

5] Finish wedding website - Ugh, this is taking forever and really isn't as fun as I thought it would be. Who likes to write about themselves in the third person? Anyone want to do this for me?

6] BLOCK HOTEL ROOMS and email guests - BEHIND on this one. Needs to be done by the first week of JUNE!

7] Schedule second meeting with pastor - We had our first one in April but now we need to schedule our individual meetings. I'd like to get this taken care of so it's not one of the LAST minute things we need to do.

8] Book church musicians -The first email has been sent, but I need to get confirmation and then book everything with a contract. Married ladies, what did y'all do for church/ceremony music?

9] Run at least one 4+ mile run a week - With the Army 10miler in October I really need to start upping my mileage. C is doing a halfmile training just for fun [who does that] and I really want to be able to keep up with him on his longer runs. Here's HOPING I can start rocking out some longer runs.

10] Work out 3x a week in the morning - I enjoyed how I felt when I worked out in the mornings last month, so I'm going to keep the same goal this month.

11] Lose X pounds - Not coming off the list until the weight comes off!


Jenn said...

Looks like you rocked the heck out of May! I'm sure June will be just as awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

Look at you go!!! I'm sure you are going to do just as well this month!!!

Illegally Blonde said...

You an do it... all.... as far as music ask for suggestions from your organist/pastor etc... You can also google and find that most people use the same songs. But pick ones that have meaning for you.

Bitzy said...

Yay getting almost everything done! I think everyone loves the Save the Dates for the talented design aesthetic --PSYCH everyone loves you & C's smiley faces!!
Also, minor edit: C is training for half-marathon right, not a halfmile? I mean I know he played baseball so isn't used to running... =)

Holly said...

Lots of weddings things are in the works I see! Very exciting!

Jamie said...

You were super successful with your may goals!

Carolyn said...

Look at all your green! GO GIRL! :)

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Wow, you've been BUSY! We had our invitations on ivory marbled paper with an ivory ribbon tied to a knot, with the headline "we're tying the knot". We did it ourselves and I spent only the money of the paper and for the ribbon. Loved them! Have fun at the cake tasting!

Janna Renee said...

I have actually gained weight sense working out (which is fine cuz it's muscles!), so I just stopped weighing myself ;) You are getting so much accomplished!