June 17, 2013

Guess Who's Back?!? Back Again?!?!

Pinky's back, tell a friend! 

Hey ladies, I'm back and I'm feeling SO REFRESHED!
[just say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh]
Sometimes a break is just needed!

As much as I love this lil spot oh internetz,
real life is more important and with
EVERYTHING going on,
I needed to take a week off to recenter.

I'm feeling 2104820348 better and happy to be back
to blogging and catching up with everyone.

Did ya miss me?!?!

Last week was super busy with,
overtime at work
wedding suit shopping
athletic games
procuring wedding dress underthings
wedding dress alterations
and nursing overworked legs : /

Phew right?

My kickball team also had a tournament
in Harrisburg, PA this weekend
and that was a blast as usual.

Last year we came in second
and our mission this year was to WIN!

Sportyspice, Le Beau and I headed up to PA
late Friday night, had a quick two hour drive
and met up with friends before hitting the sack.

Saturday was GORGEOUS and the PERFECT
G A M E D A Y!
Game DAY!

Pool play went decently, minus one oops of a game.
All in all it worked in our favorite
and we were able to cruise to the finals.

From the start of the finals we were rocking
and everything went our way. 


After losing last year, it was nice to be able to WIN
our first tourney of the year. 

Babyspice wasn't able to make this tourney,
which was a way bummer, 
but we celebrated 'with' her anyway.
Champion sissys and fiances :)!
It's funny HOW many things have changed since last year.

C and I are engaged and the team has grown a lot too. 

We had our traditional after tourney pizza dinner
and then it was time to head out and celebrate. 

I wore one of my new maxi dresses out
and I absolutely LOVED it
[fashion post coming soon ;)]

The after party is ALWAYS more fun after a win
and Sportyspice and I had a great time together.
Rocking the belt at the bar :)
C showed up a bit later and of course we had fun too. 
Darn the haze, but I think this is a cute picture
Sunday was up early to get home for Father's Day brunch
with the bestest daddy in the world!
Three baby girls....daddy you had NO idea what you were getting into huh? ;)
After brunch Mama B and did some wedding stuff
and then I passed out on the couch for an hour.

I was done. 

Sportyspice and I did some wedding accessory shopping [yay]
and then I hung out with her before my soccer game.

The evening ended on a tad bit of a sour note
due to our horrific loss,
a slightly strained quad
and an extra thirty minutes in the car because
I forgot my phone at the sportsplex.

Talked about a pit in your stomach moment.

UGH! Luckily the Lord heard my prayer
and the phone was A-OK and not stolen.

Thank you Heavenly Father.

Sooooooo, tell me, how was your weekend?
Sami's Shenanigans


Jenn said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!! Congrats on winning :)
Glad to have you back in the blog space!

Illegally Blonde said...

Glad you are back oh how I missed you! Cannot wait for a fashion post!!! And wedding update. xoxo

SHAYNA said...

YAAY! You're back! It's so hard juggling everything in life + adding a wedding to everything. What some (myself included) don't realize is that life does not stop just because you're planning a wedding! You have to figure out how to fit it all in! Glad you're back though & seems like you've got stuff under control!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! So glad you are back, missed you like crazy!! Glad you enjoyed your little break! We def all need one every so often!

Carolyn said...

Welcome back pretty girl! :) Congrats on winning the tourney! WHOO HOO!

Holly said...

So glad you're back!! Congratulations on your win :)

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Excited that you're back! Seems that you've been a busy bee still last week!

Joanna Noel said...

Girl, Ive been gone myself! I felt bad about it at first, but know it feels good! I am so glad your back as well :)


Nikki said...

Breaks are great arent they! I know I enjoyed mine!