June 28, 2013

Fiiiiiiiiiive for FRIIIIIIIIIIDAY [linkup]


O::N::E - My life has been insane recently. I can't believe June is already over, every day that goes by I find myself thinking "really the day is over already"? When I get busy, laundry quickly falls to the wayside. I haven't had time to do laundry in the past few weeks and Wednesday I found myself without any chilling shorts to wear. Cue Le Fiance :)! Yes, I'm wearing his shorts and yes I did laundry that night.
T::W::O - I've been a nawdy food pinner the past few days. Usually my food pins consist of drinks and healthy recipes. Yeah, not so much lately. I've been pinning desserts, upon desserts, upon desserts. They all look so delicious. Check em out *here*
[S'more Ice Cream Pie]
T::H::R::E:E - I can't WAIT to see this precious face next week. Sweet lil boy is already crawling and I know is going to be so big. I have big cuddle plans, hopefully he'll oblige me!
I mean really, so cute
F::O::U::R - This week on Facebook I found out a college friend [intheex'sfraternity], now acquaintance, lost his brother. A suspect broke into his brother's home and shot and killed him. Right now they aren't sure of motive or reasons why, but that really doesn't matter. This young man had a wife and was a brother and a son and now he is needlessly gone. My heart aches for my friend, I can not FATHOM the hurt and pain he and his family are feeling right now. If you could, please send him some prayers and some thoughts of grace. Life is so so so short.

F::I::V::E - I need to stop letting other people's attitudes effect me. Whether it's bad moods, negative attitudes, woe is me whines or just meanness I need to breath, stretch, shake and let it go [thankyoumase]. I can be there for people without assuming the negativity and I can also just let the blahness roll right off my back. I am responsible for my own attitude and I need to stop letting others affect me.

Happy Friday friends! It's July next week, say whaaaaaaaaaat?


Holly said...

Dessert pins on Pinterst are totally irresistible! There are so many yummy ones.

Anonymous said...

Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your friend's family. So sorry to hear that!

Katie said...

Maybe it's weird buy laundry is my favorite house duty. Yet I am also guilty of wearing the boy's clothing also hahah

baby cuddles :)

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

I totally agree with no. 5. on't let the haters bring you down to their level, enjoy your awesomeness ;-)

Jamie said...

Have a good weekend!

Monica said...

Wow I am sorry to hear about your friend's family. I am also guilty of taking on peoples emotions, its hard not to!