July 1, 2013

Week in Workouts

I'm going to start tracking my fitness here, to hold myself accountable and if possible, help inspire y'all to try new workouts if you want. I might start tracking eats too, but right now I'm just sticking to workouts.

Week in Workouts 6/24 - 6/30

Monday: Cross Fitesque workout
7 minute run to park
20 minute 'Cindy' work out [2 completed with pullups 12 completed with assisted pullups]
A Cindy = 5 pull ups, 10 pushups, 15 body weight squats.
walked for two minutes then ran back home
*This was a great and efficient workout.  I'm not the biggest CrossFit fan, but must admit, when you're on a time crunch CrossFit workouts get the job done.*

Tuesday: 40 minute Tae-Bo video online
*I didn't have a lot of time on Tuesday, but I knew I wanted to do some form of cardio. I didn't want to just run, so I randomly goggled Tae Bo and came across #this video.# I'm a huge online video/youtube work out girl. It's free and i can be a great work out. This was a pretty good one, could definitely tell it was cardio and not straight Tae Bo. It wasn't too challenging choreography-wise, but even I had to take a moment once or twice to get the steps right*

Wednesday: Yoga class - Power Sculpt: 
*A few months back I bought a Groupon for a yoga studio and realized it expired in July.  After some research online, I  chose the Power Sculpt class because of it's description and time commitment for my first class.
"Get your ASSets and BYceps in order! High repetition strength training exercises are integrated with our regular flow to boost your metabolism, tone and sculpt your body! Designed to complement your yoga practice. [ description via website]"
The class was incredible. The room was hot and I was drenched and even though I was dying I felt amazing. I will be taking this class a lot, because it combines yoga and weights and really challenged me. I loved the studio atmosphere too, the ladies were awesome when traffic made me late. I can't wait to go back.*

Thursday: 8 mile run
*I was supposed to meet with  my pastor after work on Thursday, but unfortunately due to a funeral he had to reschedule. Since I had a lot of extra time, I decided to go for a distance run. There was a nice break in the heat, so I told myself I was going to push for at least four miles. I started out really slow to ensure I would make four, and by mile three I knew I could really stretch the distance. It was incredibly therapeutic to just run randomly through streets and I was SO proud of myself for running that far. I didn't have faith in myself before and now I know I can rock it out whenever I want, mind over body.*

Friday: Rest Day
*I had a massage scheduled for Friday so I knew I needed to work out in the morning if I wanted to do something strenuous. I packed my bag and set my alarm for a 6am class, but when morning came my body was too sore from the previous days run. I didn't want to hurt myself so I just went back to sleep and planned to decide what I wanted to do after my massage. Reflexology is amazing and I decided to turn Friday into my rest day.*

Saturday: Spin class
*I haven't attended a spin class in five years, but really wanted to get a workout down done early Saturday morning. Spin was the only early morning class offered and so I was up bright and early for the 7:30am class. I arrived a few minutes early to introduce myself to the instructor and to get my bike set up correctly. The instructor was awesome and made sure I felt comfortable on the bike. The class was super hard, but awesome at the same time. I consider myself in decent shape, but holy moly y'all, spin is it's own beast. I was beat and felt great after class and hope to attend more in the future. Word to the wise though....lady parts and first time spin class.....yowza*

Sunday - Pushup/situp circuit at home and 50 minutes soccer game.
*I had planned to play tennis but a friendly meet up went a little longer than expected, which is totally fine. But, since I'm trying to tone up for the wedding, I wanted to get something other than soccer on my fitness plate. I just did three sets of different pushups and sit-ups to music. Anything is better than nothing right?! Soccer was soccer, with one sub so I did decent running around, but nothing major*

I'm really excited to try to hit six days of working out a week. Girlfriend's gotta get toned for the wedding dress and summer in general. I plan to hit different classes at my gym [zumba, spin and body pump] to keep things fresh next week and I'm really excited to get back into morning workouts.

Anyone doing anything fun fitness wise this week?

What are your fitness goals for the summer?


Anonymous said...

Oh man I needed some work out ideas!!! I start my diet today so this post will def help me out!! Hope you had a great weekend!

Nikki said...

Great work friend! I love reading other people's workouts for the week. I find it to be encouraging to myself! I love sharing my workouts as well on Sunday as you know! Keep up the great work!

Illegally Blonde said...

You go girl! So proud of you and I will be trying some of these.

KRISTIN said...

Dang girl! Good for you! Can you send some of that motivation my way?

Carolyn said...

GO YOU!! :) I love the idea of you posting your workouts! It'll motivate me after baby comes out!

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

You should be so proud of yourself! Awesome job!!!