July 3, 2013

Colors of the Rainbow

Last week I was tagged by the 
fabulous rockstar 
[thanks girlie]
The rules are simple, post your favorite item from the 
colors below and tag your friends.

Simple enough yeah?!!?


[Red Lipstick]
I love love love a deep red lip. I don't rock it often, but love the vintage feel.

[Peach Sangria]
I'm partial to ALL sangria, but a frozen peach sangria is SO PERFECT at the beach
the pool or just sitting outside on a warm summer afternoon.

Okay, I know CHAMPS is techinally GOLD, but close enough right?
I LOVE ME SOME CHAMPS, 100% my first drink of choice.

I could probably live off of guacamole if I wanted too, and come summer bbqs season
I kind of do. Hands down my favorite green thing [besides money obvi].

[The Ocean]
Even though I'm more of a lake girl than a beach girl, whenever I hear the world blue, my mind
brings up a picture of the ocean. Nothing is more calming than the sound of the waves. 

I may be a pink girl, but for some reason I just LOVE purple nails. They are girlie without
being too girlie and no matter the shade, purple always looks classy and fabulous.

Ummmmmmmmm really?!?! Pink?!?! I mean seriously, I want anything and everything
[minus sportswear] in PINK!!!!
But, if I had to choose, SHOES and DRESSES would be my two favorite
Today I'm tagging: Kristin, Lynn, Babyspice, C-Lo


Anonymous said...

You had me at frozen peach sangria and guac!!!

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

That'S awesome! I love the lip color, even if I would never be brave enough to sport it. Oh, and the champs.. My boss-boss is sponsoring me some because I'm awesome! Can't wait!! Guacamole always rocks, and I won't even start about the blue and purple, just beautiful!! And the pink shoes.. Must haves!!

Jenn said...

This is a super cute idea! Love your pics :)