July 23, 2013

Week In Workouts

Ya like?!?!?
Week three of weekly workouts.

Let's get after it shall we?

Week in workouts 7/15 - 7/21

Monday: 6 am Body Pump Class 2 mile run after work
For the first time in awhile I got my booty up and went to the gym in the AM for a good workout sesh. I chose to hit up Gold's Body Pump class because I wanted to get in a great full body workout and have someone push me as well. The instructor [who is 6months prego] is legit in shape and awesome at motivating. I really pushed myself with the weights and even though I was hurting felt awesome once class was over. My goal is to hit this class at least once a week.

Tuesday: 45 Yoga Power Sculpt Class
I've mentioned Power Scuplt before and it is legit one of my new favorite workouts. The class is only 45 minutes but it's 45 minutes of butt kicking. I wasn't able to use the higher weights due to being sore from body pump the previous morning, but the high reps/low weight still slayed me. I'm not a sweaty person when I work out, but this class I'm dripping and it feels so good. I'll need to hit this class multiple times before the wedding.

Wednesday: 45 Minute Swim Workout
Since I've been trying to mix up my workouts, I really wanted to utilize our community pool and Sportyspice's college swimming knowledge. I had her write me up a swim workout [that wouldn't kill me] and headed to the pool after work. It's been super warm lately, so I knew a pool workout would be perfect.  Here's what she had me do:
300 warm up -Swim Kick Drill
10 x 50 odds choice evens free [10 seconds rest between each 50]
4 x 75 IM drill [fl/bk/br, bk/br/fr, br/fr/fl, fr,fl,bk] 
6 x 25 build with 5 seconds rest
Warm down
She kicked my butt, but I felt super accomplished when I finished my workout. I forget how much of a full body workout swimming is and it's super easy on joints too. I will def be doing this as much as possible throughout the summer.

 Thursday: Kickball Game & Bar Dancing
Okay, I'm really not considering this a workout, so I guess it's technically an active rest day. My summer league kickball team is ALL for fun so there isn't much a workout at games. I always try my  hardest to win, but the competition isn't very good so there really isn't much effort required. Yes, I know I sound cocky, but it's the truth. This Thursday was the first time I made it to the bar, so I got some extra cardio in dancing around until 9:30 that evening. I doubt I burned many calories, but at least I was moving and shaking right?

Things got away from me Friday which irks me to no end. I had planned to hit up the 6am body pump class, but my late night kickball bar fun didn't help me get up in the morning. The next plan was to run after work, but it was so steamy hot that I thought better of it for safety reasons. I decided to hit up the pool for a possible workout, but would you believe that it was closed for swimming due to a swim meet? I had my tennis stuff in the car, so I was able to get in a lil bit of tennis with my dad&uncle, but not nearly enough to be considered a workout. I almost did a workout at home later that evening but was too busy having a pity party to really commit. Not how I wanted to end the week but oh well, guess it happens.

I wasn't as consistent as I planned this week and hope I can change that next week. I need to get my butt up in the mornings as much as possible so there is less room for missing workouts.

What workouts did you do?!?!


Alisha said...

Oh my gosh! You go girl! That is awesome! Way to be an inspiration!

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Look at those guns!! You're doing awesome!!

Nikki said...

GREAT job friend! Don't beat yourself up for things not going exactly how you wanted. You are up and moving more than most and that right there is AWESOME! Keep up the GREAT work!

Jenn said...

You are kicking A, and taking names! :)

Holly said...

Big guns!!! I've never heard of Power Sculpt Yoga before. Sounds like it might be a fun [but painful!] workout.

Carolyn said...

I think you did great this week! :) And that picture - look at those guns! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Just reading this post kicks my butt!

Ashley said...

dang woman1!! look at those arms - SEXY!!!

Janna Renee said...

You go girl!!