July 12, 2013

Fiiiiiiiiiiiive on FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIDAY [Linkup]


.:{ONE}:. Is there ANYTHING better than a visit to the hair salon to make a day great? I had an appointment this week and it was awesome. I've decided to go a bit more natural for the wedding, so I'm sporting more of a brunette look right now. The sun normally lightens my hair quickly so I'll have some blonder, but more natural, highlights by the wedding day. My bridal hair trial day is BOOKED and so is the wedding day. WOOHOO! So excited.
Who ever said 'blondes have more fun,
hasn't met me' ;)
.:{TWO}:. My apartment is a disaster and my fridge is pretty much empty. I have had so many things happening after work this week that there has been very little time to get things done. Sure, I could but then I'm in bed late and then I'm grumpy. I've been so busy I've been missing workouts which really pisses me off. Hopefully I can find some time on Friday night after our pre-tourney dinner to quickly put things away and chill out. This weekend is busy as all get out too....oh vey!

.:{THREE}:. I'm finally on the My Fitness Pal bandwagon [say hi] and HOLY CRAP that thing is intense and holds me super accountable. Recently I've dabbled in a new eating program [not gonna talk much about it, until I have more info] and MY PAL has proven to be very helpful. Since it's still early, inputting everything has been a bit tedious, but since I tend to eat similar things for lunch it should be easier in a week or two.If you're trying to lose weight, eat healthier or just want to know where you stand I highly recommend using My Fitness Pal.
.:{FOUR}:. I am sooooooooooooo over the Zimmerman/Martin trial. My heart hurts for the young boy who is no longer with us, but I'm so over the [drama] and the people. Someone at work is super into the trial so it's all I have been hearing in the background this week. I don't know the facts so I'm not forming an opinion or stating it here. However, I am so worried about the verdict because there is some nastiness out there on the Internetz and in the twitter word. I'm talking hashtag killwhitey if Zimmerman is acquitted. I am praying hard that there will be NO SENSELESS violence due to whatever the jury decides. RACE should not play into the verdict nor the protests afterwards.

.:{FIVE}:.Next week is the middle of JULY! SAY WHAT!?!?! I just.can't.wait huh?!?! SLOW DOWN SUMMER...pLEEEEEASE SLOW DOWN!!!!



Allison said...

I love going to the hair salon, too. Which reminds me... it's been way too long since I've been! Brunettes definitely have fun, too :) I can't believe how fast the summer is going by, either!

Holly said...

I've tuned out the news every morning this week because of the trial. I work in the law field so normally I like to follow along with big cases like this but you're right, this one is going too far. I'm ready for it to be over with already.

Happy Friday, Pinky :)

Cece said...

Sounds like a busy yet FUN summer! I've been tracking calories for years! It's like brushing my teeth to me. Good luck with the new diet and hope you can get back to your work outs.

Jenn said...

Love a good hair appointment--I actually need to make one super soon too!
Im sure you'll get back on track with working out etc. Some weeks just hit ya like a ton of bricks!
YAY for almost wedding time :) Sad that summer is flying by tho.

Carolyn said...

Love the new hair!! :) Happy friday friend!

Jessica said...

sounds like you have been a busy lady! don't beat yourself too much about missing some workouts though!


Janna Renee said...

I love My Fitness Pal, and yet I can't stick to it. I use it more on the laptop than my phone. Lately I've been carrying around a journal, and that works the best. I'm too old school lol.