July 26, 2013

Confession Friday: Q&A


Using the topic for today and answering a lil Q&A:

1. My worst fashion offense of all time has to be Spice Girl Platform Shoes
2. The most embarrassing song on my iPod is probably "Like Me" by Girlicious.

3. The last white lie I told was to Le Fiance.

I  told him I was done being stressed about wedding stuff...yeah right!

4. The celebrity I most wish would disappear is the whole Kardashian family UGH!

5. Sometimes, I wish I could heal all the hurt in the world. 

Yes, so cliche, but hearing stories from where both my sisters work often breaks my heart. There is so much love needed in this world but people seem more concerned with the Kardashians or themselves :(

6. My childhood crush was JTT or Max Elliot Slade, SWOON!

7. I've never turned down another hug or kiss from Le Fiance.

8. Snakes make me a nervous wreck. 

I hate hate hate snakes. Probably right on the line of a phobia. I have to turn away from CARTOON snakes on TV. ***heebbiiiieeeeejeeeebbbiiiiieeeeesssss***

9. I'd rather watch paint dry than mow the front/back/side lawn.

10. Much like a train wreck, I can't turn away from watching Real Housewives of New Jersey and Orange County

Can't stop watching the DRAMA!

This girl is so glad it's Friday. So thankful my doozy of a week is THIS close to being over. Have a wonderful weekend sweet ladies!


Jenn said...

little white lies like that are ok. I'm sure he saw right through it anyway :)
I love me some real housewives, too...and I HATE snakes. EWWWW

Georgina said...

I really can't stop watching either and REALLY do not like Vicki (even the name she spells her name is bleh) or Melissa Gorga. Lol.

Have a great weekend xo

Nikki said...

OMG JTT! Ha! Theres is a blast from the past!

JumpingJE said...

I can't stand mowing the lawn and live where I don't have one for that reason! Happy Weekend to you!

Illegally Blonde said...

JTT!!! OMG he was the living end! We are old... but just hitting our prime right? xoxo

Anonymous said...

Real Housewives of Orange County is totally my guilty pleasure!

Alisha said...

Oh my goodness, all of us '80's (-ish) girls LOVED JTT. Who didn't?! Adorable confessions!!

Try not to stress about wedding stuff, I know it is hard, but, it will be awesome no matter what! :)

Jordan @ All The Small Things said...

Ahh, JTT.. I was sooooo in love with him. *sigh* And I'm with you on the Kardashian thing. That's actually what I wrote, too!

{Jessica} said...

I think we all agree on the whole wishing-the-Kardashians-would-disappear thing! WHY, oh why, are they so pervasive. I get SO sick of seeing them everywhere! I'm too tall to have ever rocked the Spice Girl platforms, but I totally would have tried if I was a little shorter! Have a great weekend!:)

Elissa Garza said...

haha I was laughing so hard at #1! I am totally guilty too!

Holly said...

JTT!! Every girl loved him but I had a friend who was completely obsessed haha. Those were the good old days... before the Kardashians came along. Ugh!

Jennifer said...

I'm with ya on the Housewives (all of them!) I can't seem to turn away.

Katie said...

I can't get enough of the Kardashians. I know it's awful, but I can't pull away from their shows.

I had quite the crush on JTT. Home Improvement was such a dumb show but I watched it because he was on it :)

Cece said...

So funny!! You me and Leslie mentioned the Kardasians as celebrities we want to disappear!! And we watch too much bad reality TV. I've never mowed a lawn but based on hating yard work in general I'm pretty sure I'd hate it.

Ashley said...

haha i love these! i'm with ya on the real housewives lady. why can't we stop watching?!?

and i love your sweet heart! wish we could heal all the hurt in the world together.


Laura Darling said...

I'm with you, I would be totally okay with the Kardashians disappearing!

Janna Renee said...

I'm sure he knows you didn't mean it when you said you wouldn't stress about wedding stuff. Haha