July 11, 2013

Take a Look...It's In A Book...

What? Another book review?!?

I know, shocking. 

I've been on a major reading kick
and these two books
are TOO good not to share with y'all.


Army Special Agent John Puller is the best there is. A combat veteran, Puller is the man the U.S. Army relies on to investigate the toughest crimes facing the nation. Now he has a new case—but this time, the crime is personal: His aunt has been found dead in Paradise, Florida.A picture-perfect town on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Paradise thrives on the wealthy tourists and retirees drawn to its gorgeous weather and beaches. The local police have ruled his aunt’s death an unfortunate, tragic accident. But just before she died, she mailed a letter to Puller’s father, telling him that beneath its beautiful veneer, Paradise is not all it seems to be.

What Puller finds convinces him that his aunt’s death was no accident . . . and that the palm trees and sandy beaches of Paradise may hide a conspiracy so shocking that some will go to unthinkable lengths to make sure the truth is never revealed.
[description via David Baldacci's website] 

Oh my word y'all, once this book started,

You can't help but admire Puller and all he stands for,
even though he has his own demons.

I was always looking one step ahead while reading
and loved all the different twists and turns.

I stayed up waaaaaaaaaaay past bedtime one night
trying to finish it and ended up falling asleep
with the book on my chest. #wompwomp.

If your a mystery, action, okay with violence kind of reader,
go get yourself this book....RIGHT NOW!


Keeping with the mystery/thriller theme
I recently finished 
"With his breakout New York Times bestseller, The Tenth Justice, Brad Meltzer asked us to consider the insidious question: How much can you really trust your friends? Now he pits husband against wife in a legal thriller with the most chilling dilemma of all: How far would you go to save the one you love?

Sara Tate, a Manhattan assistant DA, is about to lose her job. But the case she nabs to secure her professional future is far more complicated—and deadly—than it first appears. While forces within the DA’s office conspire against her, an outside threat looms larger: Win the case or her attorney husband, Jared, will die. But Jared has been threatened as well. Strong-armed into defending the opposition, he learns that Sara will be killed should he lose the case. In court and at home, husband and wife go head-to-head while harboring the terrible secret of their motives. In a battle of rollercoaster emotions and shocking betrayals, Jared and Sara must face the unthinkable truth: No matter who wins, one of them may die."
[description via Brad Meltzer's website]

I'll be honest, this book took me a short chapter or two 
to really get hooked,
but once I was in, I was enthralled.

The villains are MEAN and it's almost 
heartbreaking reading how Sara & Jared
try to deal with this impossible situation.

I found myself thinking often
:What would I DO in this situation?:

This was my first Brad Meltzer book
and I can't wait to read more.

If you want a fast paced pool read,
pick this one up for sure. 


I JUST finished [literally yesterday]
this book and it was a doozy.
The Zero Game
The New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaires and The First Counsel returns to Washington, D.C., taking us behind closed doors and into the clandestine world of…THE ZERO GAME.

Matthew Mercer and Harris Sandler are playing a mysterious game. It’s a game almost no one knows about—not their friends, not their co-workers, and certainly not their bosses, who are some of the most powerful Senators and Congressmen on Capitol Hill.

It’s a game that has everything: risk, reward, mystery, and the thrill of knowing that—just by being invited to play—you’ve confirmed your status as a true power broker in Washington.
But as Matthew and Harris quickly discover, the Zero Game is hiding a secret so explosive, it will shake Washington to its core. And when one player turns up dead, a dedicated young staffer will find himself relying on a tough, idealistic seventeen-year-old Senate page to help keep him alive…as he plays the Zero Game to its heart-pounding end.

Packed with high-octane suspense and heart-pounding action, THE ZERO GAME is Brad Meltzer at his supercharged best.

This book DID NOT STOP!

There were SO many unexpected twists and turns,
I was barely able to keep up with what was happeneing.

Meltzer's gripping tale kept me on the edge of my seat
and kept me up reading late
and in the car at stoplights
and before workouts.

I would highly recommend this book
to anyone. 



Jenn said...

Brad Meltzer is one of my FAVORITES. I read one of his books and then immediately read all of them. I'm not sure I've read Dead Even though. Have you read The Tenth Justice? Another interesting one!
I think MG likes David Baldacci but I can't remember for sure. Either way,it sounds like it was a page turner!

Illegally Blonde said...

I love all things Baldacci and have read this one and the next one in this series The Hit... both so good!!

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Wow, you're reading like a little nutty ;-) I just picked up another historic trash novel, thinking about bringing it back tomorrow and look for something better..

Cece said...

Reading Rainbow!!!! Had to!! : )
I'm totally lagging on book reading.

Courtney B said...

All I want to do right now is curl up with a good book and just read, read, read!! I have too much going on right now but once life slows down I am TOTALLY looking into these! Yay for book reviews!

Janna Renee said...

OOH these sound intriguing! I love books like this! Thanks girl!