July 9, 2013

Week in Workouts


Week two of weekly workouts.

Let's get after it shall we?

Week in workouts 7/1 - 7/7

Monday: 7.5 mile run 1 mile walk
C and I went for a long distance run and this one was so different than last week's. I was on a major high last week while running, but Monday's was rough. Part of the reason I think it was rough was the terrain, last week's was flat and Monday's had a bunch of hills. TOUGH HILLS. I need to remember that C has been running longer than I have and can handle the inclines better than I can at the moment. I made it seven miles before I had to walk and then walked the last mile home.

Tuesday: Unintentional Day Off
I had planned to workout in the morning, but after Monday's long distance my legs needed a break. My plan was to then workout when we arrived at our hotel in Washington, PA but we arrived much later than planned. The only workout I did was walking around the outlets and working out my credit card ;).

Wednesday: 5 part circuit Cross Training
C created a five part circuit for our cross training day and it kicked my butt! Our circuit consisted of the following exercises:
Three passes through the speed ladder
Five pull-ups
100 jump rope touches
Two sets of fifteen rope slams
100 yard 80% sprint.
I was only able to do one set of pull-ups unassisted and the rope slams killed me. Don't let the video fool you, those ropes are super heavy and really give you a workout. I hope to try this workout again in a month or so and want to feel 1000% times better while working it out.

Thursday: 4 mile tempo run
C and I went to a park and ran four miles. The first two were steady state and the last two were tempo. Steady state means keeping a certain pace throughout the run and tempo means running with intervals. Basically, we sprinted for 30 yards or 30 seconds and then backed off for 30 yards or 30 seconds throughout the two mile run. It was slightly raining and cool which isn't the best running weather for me. But, I made it and didn't quit. I wasn't able to go full out on sprints because my right calf/Achilles was extremely tight, but I did increase speed for each interval. I felt so-so throughout the run, but was super happy I was able to 'make' every interval.

Friday: 5 mile steady state run
AKA the 5 mile run from HELL! This run sucked, pure and simple. I was ready to quit right around mile one. I'm attributing the fail whale of a run to my lack of fueling my body correctly. We had our cake tasting that morning and two bites of five pieces of cake plus coffee DOES NOT good running fuel make. I was pretty frustrated the whole run, especially because I was chasing C the whole time. This run is the perfect example of NOT LETTING YOUR BRAIN tell your body to quit. I used EVERY mind trick in the book. I looked at the ground, changed my music, gave myself a pep talk, looked around for marks to JUST get to and then I gave myself a stern talking attitude adjustment. I thought of HOW LUCKY I was to actually be able to run. There are so many people injured that don't have the ability to run. The adjustment worked for the most part and C was a rockstar as he ran back to push me up the last hill. UGH, horrible run, but it's done and I didn't quit.

Yep, I worked out the day of my wedding shower. Did I mention we worked out while people were showing up? I know,  we are ridiculous, but that's my man I just try to keep up. I must say, the other couple in the picture totally were into it as well.
Crazy workout crew.
The circuit workout consisted of the following:
5 pull-ups (or renegade rows after failure)
Four passes through the speed ladder
75 touches with a jump rope
Single Arm Big rope slams 7x each
Single Arm Small rope slams 7x each
50 yard run while holding a log or 20 lb weight

This circuit was hard. Running with the weight was rough because there wasn't an easy way to hold it. My push-up stamina is crap so I had to do renegade rows most of the time. There really wasn't an exercise that allowed for rest, so I was pretty dunzo when it was over. It's something that I want to do weekly though to see progress. The best part was the fact my hair stayed up and I was able to change after a dip in the pool for my wedding shower. Oh the joys of fitness!

Sunday: Rest Day
We drove home from Ohio on Sunday, which is a 9+ hour drive, so working out really wasn't possible. I wanted to do a quick yoga session but an hour delay on the road didn't really allow it. Oh well back at it this week.


Anonymous said...

You are a machine!!! You go girl!

Jenn said...

Wow. You guys are beasts! haha

Ashley said...

Holy moly, that's dedication right there! Go girl! This totally motivated me to get my workout in early today :)

Nikki said...

GREAT job friend! Sounds like you killed it!

Pamela said...

You go, girl!!

Holly said...

You're a beast! And I mean that in a good way haha. I'm totally jealous of how in shape you are. I'm still struggling with running 3 miles. Your dedication and hard work is inspiring. Keep it up :)

Carolyn said...

GO PINKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!