July 2, 2013

Monthly Goals/Recaps

Holy frijoles June is done?
What, summer is halfway over?

 GET OUT! Let's see how well I did in June.
1] Decide on and order invitations - I've hired one of the bestest invitation people out there [hey girl hey] and the process has started. I have sent inspirations, and descriptions for what I want but don't have IT in my head yet. I'm looking for traditional, clean and simple invitations and I'm 100% confident I'm going to love the designs my lovely invitation lady will create :)! 

2] Finalize groom/groomsmen suit - I delegated this to C and yeah, we are cutting it close. They haven't been purchased but he knows what he wants....I think... MEN!

3] Schedule appointment for cake tasting in Cincy and find bakery in DC - C and I will be in Cincy in July this week and we will be tasting some cake. I'm so excited...let us EAT LOTS OF CAKE!

4] Schedule tasting for reception hall - Done and completed on the 19th of June. Yummy!

5] Finish wedding website - Just barely got this done, but freaking finally it's done!

6] BLOCK HOTEL ROOMS and email guests - Done and sent out, woop woop!

7] Schedule second meeting with pastor - We had our first one in April together and have both completed our two separate meetings. He told us we aren't 'terminal' [PTL] and now we just have our FINAL meeting together where we woosah and figure out how we want the wedding service to flow. WOOHOO, one step closer to the actual WEDDING!

8] Book church musicians - I let this fall by the wayside, but resent an email to our church music director.

9] Run at least one 4+ mile run a week - Yeeeeeeeeeah, big negative on this one this month. I did some longer distances with C a few times a week, but my injury really hindered my running abilities. I'm hoping to rock this one out in July.

10] Work out 3x a week in the morning - This was superclose to being green, but I wanted to hold myself accountable.I had one week I worked out every morning and then another just once a week. If you add them together, they make 3x a week but I can't honestly make this green. Next month it's on for sure.

11] Lose X pounds -
Not coming off the list until the weight comes off!

1] Attend wedding cake tasting and decide on wedding cake - This is scheduled for the first week of July, so woohoo! And yes, I put it on my list so I KNEW I would have something in green at the end of the month...so sue me ;)! YUM YUM YUMMY can't wait. 

2] Book Limo - This is C's job, he better do it! ;)

3] Attend my Bridal Shower -
WOOP! YAY! Weeee! Can't wait!

4] Decide on ceremony readings and readers - Since we kept our wedding parties small [only four attendants each] some special people were left out of the wedding. We need to decide what reading we want to be read during the service and who will be reading what passage.

5] Pick out wedding favors for guests - We have two/three AWESOME ideas for wedding favors, but we need to decide exactly WHICH favor we want to give. I'm excited because both are going to be fabulous!

6] Create centerpieces/table numbers for reception - C has a genius idea for table numbers, we just need to be crafty enough to pull it off nicely. Same goes for the centerpieces, but I'm confident in our abilities.

7] Mail Out Wedding Invitations!!!! - Must be sent out middle of the MONTH!

8] Create/brainstorm ideas for wedding programs - I'm excited about creating a unique and fun program, I just need to decide exactly what I want. And I'll be working with the same awesome blossom that's creating my invitations [hey girl hey again].

9] Buy Wedding day Underthings - I thought I had this taken care of, but a few things need to be 'upgraded'. I'm excited to check out different stores for fun things ;)

10] Book Wedding night hotel - Ummmmmmmm yeah, needs to be done ASAP.

11] Send out invite for family meeting party in August - Another ASAP thing. We are having both families meet at my aunt & uncle's house and we need to narrow down the list and send out the evite PRONTO!

12] Run at least two 4+ mile run a week -  rocked out an eight mile run last month so I know I can up my weekly mileage. I don't want to aim for more than two long distance days because I want to protect my legs. I got this yo!

13] Work out 6x a week - Yes, 6! Bikini season is here and I'm a mess. I need to tone up LIKE whoa, I'm way too loosey goosey right now. This is easily attainable if I just plan and get off my hiney and DO IT!

14] Lose X pounds -
Not coming off the list until the weight comes off!


Oh em goodness this month is going to FLY by because I'm
going to be a busy busy bee!!!!

What are your goals for July?


Anonymous said...

You are so close!!! I know you will get 'er done!! Lol I'm rootin for you!!

Illegally Blonde said...

You can do it! It will all come together and then bam the day is over...

Carolyn said...

EEK! :) So much wedding stuff! I love it!!

Nikki said...

Great job friend!

Ashley said...

girlfriend you are banging things of this list! love it! and wedding eeeeee so exciting!