July 18, 2013

Pin, Bake and Stuff Your Face

Last weekend a good friend and coworker hosted a small bbq
 and asked me to bring a dessert.

Now, I know I talk about eating healthy a lot, 
but I am KNOWN for my yummy desserts at work.  

A few years back I would bake/create desserts
just for the fun of it and bring em into the office
for others to enjoy. 

Since I've been trying to be REALLY good, my dessert baking
as been mahjahly lacking. 

I've made this dessert before, but for a different group
and it was SUCH a crowd pleaser I thought it 
would be perfect for a summer bbq.

Get in My BELLY
Original pin found *here*
INSTANT Jello Vanilla pudding mix, Oreos, Red Velvet Cake mix [and everything needed to make the cake], whipping cream and sugar for homemade whip cream [or store bought coolwhip].
Bake cake according to directions. Once done, let cool for a few minutes then use a spoon to poke holes in the still warm cake. Be sure to get all the way down to the bottom.

Mix up the INSTANT pudding [wont work if it's not instant], then pour over the cake. Be sure to use a spoon to push the pudding down into the holes on the cake. Put in fridge for at least two hours.

If you are using store bought whip cream skip the first picture and just spread onto the cake. If you're like me, you'll wanna make your own whip cream. It's super easy and I just used THIS pin. I would probably double the recipe just to make sure you cover the cake completely. After you layer the whip cream, smash 10 or so Oreos and sprinkle on top.

  A few quick notes:
I made the mistake once, I won't make it again.
*If you have stuff in your fridge that smells [not badly, just has an odor] 
make sure you cover your cake.
*Homemade whip cream is so much better than store bought :). 

This recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser I promise.
Let me know if you have any questions!


Jenn said...

Holy bajeezus, I just gained 40 pounds just LOOKING at that amazingness!!!
I like to pin, and I like to stuff my face. Baking isn't my forte, so I'm glad I know peeps like you who can help me get to that "stuff face" level! :)

Neri said...

Looks so freaking good!! OMGeeee!

Holly said...

Cake and chocolate and red velvet and whipped cream. I'm in heaven! I love how easy the recipe is too. Pinning this!

Alisha said...

I think I just gained 10 pounds. That looks SO yummy!!

Aleshea said...

Get in my belly. But seriously that looks so good