July 24, 2013


Today I'm linking up with Helene and Sarah for
Helene in Between

I thought this was a fun concept and was excited
to really think about WHAT inspires me to blog. 

I'm inspired by...

.:: other posts in the blog world ::. 

.:: pretty pictures on Pinterest ::. 

.:: My Fiance ::. 

.:: happy fun times in my life ::. 

.:: sad and crappy times in my life ::. 


.:: my friends and family ::. 

.:: my stupid crazy mistakes ::. 

.:: BIG EVENTS ::. 

 .:: people pissing me off ::. 

.:: sparkles, glitter, whimsy ::. 

.:: current events ::. 

.:: fitness and clean food ::. 

.:: make up and fashion ::.

.:: my voice and feeling like I have something to say ::. 

.:: LIFE in general ::.

.:: BY YOU ::.

What inspires y'all to blog?


Jenn said...

Good inspirations for posts! I love your glittery and whimsy posts haha

Helene in Between said...

love this list!! life in general, pinterest, my crazy mistakes! all of that- i agree!! thanks so much for linking up!!

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

I love blogging about my mistakes, (and me being a weirdo)! I think people really enjoy reading about others not being perfect! Great list, oh and I love glitter too!

Holly said...

Memories are definitely what inspire me to blog! It's probably boring to most people but I love reminiscing through old posts.

Alisha said...

Love the list! So true, blogging is inspired by so many things!! :)

JumpingJE said...

Awesome list format and so much inspiration. Stupid crazy mistakes and people pissing you off are my favorite topics!

Georgina said...

I think a lot of what inspires me is where I would ~like to be~ and I like to note the things I am doing to get there. It holds me accountable and is a visual reminder to keep pushing on :)

Have a great rest of your week pretty xo

Janna Renee said...

I can definitely agree with all of these!