August 30, 2013

Meet My Single Girl Home

Usually I link up on Fridays, but today I'm not. 

Today I'm showing you where I've lived the past two years.

My SiNgLe GiRl SWAG one bedroom.

So many wonderful memories and such a fun girlie space.


If you don't have time for the quick video tour, just check out my pics.
Living Room

Dear Apartment nine,
You were the best one bedroom a girl could ask to call home. I'm so glad we found each other and so glad it worked out as well as it did. Thanks for big just big enough to feel spacious but not too big to be scary. I'm sure going to miss 'MY SPACE' when I move into a two bedroom, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things. Thank you #9, you kept me sane!
xoxo Pinky


Aleshea said...

Onward and upward. Yay, the time is almost near said...

Holy woman for moving this weekend you don't have much packed lol.

Is his place much bigger than yours?? Do you have to get rid of much?

Illegally Blonde said...

Could you be any cuter?!? I mean loved the video tour!! It was like being there. Enjoy your last weekend/week as a single woman. Life is about to change, but I promise for the better. And fight for your stuff, that table from Korea so needs to stay! Love you BOFF.

Jenn said...

Your one bedroom definitely served a purpose...and so will your newlywed abode! :)

Nikki said...

ADORABLE! I love this so much! Cute place and so much pink its awesome!

Alisha said...

How fun! Great way to preserve your last single girl memories!!

Carolyn said...

Aww! :) Your single girl home! :) I love all the touches of pink! That was the hardest part for me... changing from decorating with pink everywhere! HAHA! You'll do great!

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

What a cute little apartment! Love it! I bet you'll miss it, but you're going on to bigger and greater things!! I'll go get a second glass of wine to your single girl pad ;-)

KRISTIN said...

I never would have guessed that your accent decor would be pink. :) I still miss my single girl apartment, but it is nice having a boy around every once in a while. ;)

Ashley said...

so cool! i always love seeing where people live! and OMG - single girl apartment is going byeeeee. So.CLOSE to being a mrs!

Janna Renee said...

I lived by myself before Will and I got together and I loved living by myself. However, I obviously love living with him more ;)