August 22, 2013

The 'To-Dos' Before 'I Dos' Update

Here comes the BRIDE

WOW, this list was first posted back in April
and I'm super proud of how much has been
accomplished in just


It's been six months, time has flown.

I'm so excited to be wedding
my honey in less than three weeks!

Let's check my progress
and see how much has to be done.

Set a date
Book the church
Book the pastor
Book a reception venue
Sign up with online wedding website
Build our wedding page for family 
 Block hotel rooms for family
Finish BM/MOH 'asking' gifts
Send out gifts  Get wedding shoes
Decide on our color scheme
Make first dress appointment
Choose BM/MOH dresses
Decide on Save the Date picture
Get addresses from friends
Send out Save the Dates

Book Florist
Book Photographer
Take Engagement Photos 
Pick out and buy invitations 
Decide on videographer
Decide on Groom's suit 
Buy Groom/groomsmen suits
Buy Groom's wedding band
Create wedding favors
Decide on wedding hair/makeup
Book makeup artist
Hire hair stylist
 Decide on veil
 Buy gifts for mama, daddy and MOG
 Decide on BM/MOH 'thank you' gifts
Book a DJ
Set up cupcake/cake tasting
Attend cake tasting and decide on cake
Decide on and buy Groom's gift
Figure out tipping envelopes
Decide on mini-moon location
Book mini-moon 
Create registry
Decide on ceremony programs
Book ceremony musicians
Pick ceremony music
Meet with Pastor separately
Meet with Pastor together
Decide on ceremony order/readings
Ask readers/program hander-outers
Send out invitations
Book Limo
Decide on wedding day accessories
Buy wedding day underthings
Hire wedding planner/coordinator
Schedule cupcake order
Bridal Hair Trial
Makeup Trial
Book night of wedding hotel room
Attend MY Bridal Shower
Meet with Florist and Photographer again
Get Permits for DC Monument wedding shoot
Finish, print and laminate escort cards
Cut escort cards
Complete gifts for guests
Create fun 'I spy' worksheet
Create seating chart for reception
Decide on entrance music
Complete centerpiece stands
Send music list to DJ
Double check with all vendors regarding wedding day
Book Groom's cake vendor
Finalize reception list of guests
Package all presents for wedding day
Go to courthouse and get Marriage license
Write letters for gifts
Purchase everything for rehearsal dinner
Decide on Rehearsal dinner food
Book back up venue in case of rain
Buy decorations for Rehearsal dinner
Attend MY Bachelorette party
Work with planner for DAY OF event schedule
Pack mini-moon bag
Write card for groom for morning of wedding

You know what, I'm not too intimidated.

There is a ton to get done, but I think we can
rock a lot out in the next few days
and then finish it up next week.

I'm feeling good and feeling fly!




Jenn said...

You're gette close! A lot of these will definitely be knocked out in the next couple of days. So soon!! :)

Neri said...

WOW! You're almost there!! SO exciting!

Neri said...

WOW! You're almost there!! SO exciting!

Alisha said...

So close! Look at everything you've accomplished! Way to go!! :)

Courtney B said...

AAAAAHHHH! 16 days! How EXCITING! You'll totally be able to cross everything off that to do list! I can't wait for your big day!

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

You have not bought him a wedding band yet?? Go get that done! We picked our wedding bands together, as we have the same wedding bands. I was looking to buy hubby a new band because he's having a reaction to his gold band; decided to try and widen it first and see if it's getting better that way.

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

But I'm also really impressed on what you've accomplished in such a short time, Pinky!

Monica said...

Wow!!!! Soo soon, youve got superpowers getting that all done so quickly