August 16, 2013

5 on Friday: Wedding Edition

1] I can NOT say thank you enough to all the married ladies out there for your advice. I asked the question and y'all answered with incredible advice and thoughts. I appreciate each and everyone of your comments and will do what I can to implement all of your tips. The blog world is so awesome, y'all make me smile. If any other married women have advice about the wedding day, please send it my way, I love hearing what people would do over again.

2] Tuesday evening I sat in my hair stylist's chair for my WEDDING DAY hair trial. Can I tell you how surreal it felt? I've been going to the same girl for the past seven years, so she's seen me through it all. Back when six months was the one and done end [no lie, the three relationships before C all ended at six months, weird]. She loved the pictures I brought as inspiration [thanks in part to PinkLouLou] and was really able to bring them to life. Sidenote: make sure you show up to the appointment with clean hair.....#badbridey. Here are some of here creations, which one do y'all like best?

I have a front runner in mind, but am keeping it underwraps until the big day. The veil looked pretty with all of them, and the flower clips I know the flower pins I bought will look great too. EEEK! I can't believe I might have a wedding style picked out!!!! hashtag crazy!

3] After we finished playing with real styles, I asked my stylist to created a totally 90s hair style to mess with C. I'm talking CLUELESS prom hair. Check it out.
Like, totally, like, Clueless right?!

4] My life is WEDDINGWEDDINGPACKINGEMAILSWEDDINGMOVINGWEDDING and I'm all like "what this is real life"? I've found myself comparing how well I've planned to other brides and sometimes feeling frustrated that I'm behind. But, then I remember, most brides have a lot longer than six months to plan their wedding, so really I think I've done pretty well.

5] We are four days away from the TEEEEEEEEEEEEENS. Yes, the teens! The countdown is almost in the TEEEEEEEENS! Holy moly where did the time go? Didn't I JUST get engaged? If someone could had me a remote with a pause button, that would be great.

Happy Friday ladies! I hope you have a great weekend!


Jenn said...

I like option 3 the most I think, up, not down.
Everything wil (and is) falling into place. Just enjoy :)

Illegally Blonde said...

1 or 3, but up 3... you are gorgeous! LOVE the Clueless hair... I bet C freaked out! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone... seems like he just proposed. Happy Friday BOFF

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Option 3!!! OMG, gorgeous!!!

Katelyn @ Imperfect Perfection said...

I like the braid detail in 3, but I love #1. I think it would be cute to incorporate the lose braid detail into #1. Now, let me tell you from experience. In our "day after pictures" (we had a destination wedding and had one of our favorite photographers take our pictures when we got home) I did the updo to one side and in some pictures it looks unbalanced...just my personal experience. Like, I look good if the pictures are of my left side, but from the right it looks odd. said...

I did not like 2, too simple. The others were good. Honestly it depends on your dress and without knowing the style it is hard to say what looks the best.

As for ppl knowing your names that you were worried about the other day. I rarely say my name and i use my husbands initial but i have slipped sometimes and it isn't something i worry about much. It's not like someone is going to come and find you knowing your first name. Most will forget it once you go back to initials.

Get excited girly!!! I loved the countdown, i had 18 months and it was so much harder waiting that long lol.

Ashley said...

girl you are beau-ti-ful! you are going to rock C's socks off on wedding day! i kind of adore option 1 but know you are going to look glam no matter what the option is!

and the teens?!? it's coming so fast!

Nikki said...

LOVE option 3!