August 14, 2013

Sending out to a M.R.S...

Yep, married ladies, I'm talking to you. 
[Not trying to discriminate single ladies]

I need/want your HONEST opinion here,

And DON'T hate me for asking please.


If you could change ANYTHING about your wedding day
1] Would you?
2] What would you change?

 My wedding day is sooo close
and while I feel like I have a good handle
on what needs to be done,
I want to pick y'alls brains.

Y'all have been there done that,
you know what's important
and what's really not.

Obviously, money has already been put down
so any big changes might not happen.

But, I wanna know from YOU WIFEYS YOU,
what to MAKE sure to DO
or NOT do.

 My future HUSBAND and I thank you!

T minus 24 days!
I had my first hair trial yesterday...



Tess said...

I would say to splurge on a good photographer!!! I didn't; had a family member do it. Not that I was not happy/satisfied, but we didn't think of poses that a professional would have. That's my 2 cents worth! :)

shay said...

I would definitely have a videographer to film the ceremony. It's so fun to look back and watch that day live and relive it all.

Anonymous said...

Have a better videographer, the video came out like poo (audio etc)

SHAYNA said...

The main thing I would tell you is, don't run out of booze (if you're serving any) and MOST importantly, whoever your photographer is, make sure you talk to them about exactly what shots you expect them to get. I didn't talk to my photographer enough & assumed since she's a "wedding photographer" & I'd seen her work, she would get everything I wanted. Wrong. We have no pictures of our isle decorations that I put a lot of work into. May sound silly but, they were really pretty & there's not one pic of them. So, whatever is important to you, make sure you talk to them about getting those shots. IE: Decorative details, people hanging out & visiting, etc. Basically, talk to your photographer about everything - if you have questions or any doubt, just ask! You are paying them for a service & you want to make sure that you get everything you want. So SO SOOO excited for y'all! Hope you're loving all of this right now!!!

SHAYNA said...

AH! Sorry for my NOVEL!!!

Cece said...

I only have 2 regrets. One is not having people help me or just do it for me. I spent the morning getting ready and setting up and taking care of details and then I rushed to get ready and had NO time to soak in the day. My husband had time to chill with his friends but not me. Also, don't forget to eat. The hotel rep took pity on me since I hadn't eaten all day and ordered me some food from the hotel restaurant. I also wish I had hired a videographer. In retrospect I'm still not sure if I want to have spent all that money but part of me wishes I had it on video.

Holly said...
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Holly said...

The one thing I wish I could change was my hair! I hated it. And every time I look at the pictures, I cringe. But that's a trivial thing I suppose.

One thing that we did that I don't think a lot of couples do is hang out before the wedding. We had breakfast together the morning of our wedding. Just the two of us. We exchanged handmade cards and got to spend a few peaceful minutes together taking it all in. Once the wedding started it was hustle and bustle so that morning with him is one of my most memorable from the entire day!

Katie said...

Go over with your photographer pictures that you HAVE to have. I Hate that I don't have many pictures of my parents and I. They helped SO much for that day to happen the way it did and it kills me that we have very few pictures together. Also I don't have one professional picture of my siblings and I. That also really bothers me.

I regret not going around and talking to guest. That sounds awful because they came to celebrate our day and I didn't spend much time unless they were on the dance floor. My husband did go around and talk with our guest (he's not much of a dancer,) but I really just wanted to dance!! I truthfully felt really strong guilt about this for the first year of marriage. Don't spend the entire reception talking with guest, but I highly recommend visiting more than I did.

Nikki said...

I would definitely invest in a good photographer and a videographer if you can. We had an amazing photographer and I love our photos and album. A videographer wasn't in the budget so we had a family friend film the ceremony and it's awesome to have but would have loved to have had a professional video.

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

I'm still thinking about it. I don't think I'd change anything about the day per se. In hindsight I'd not let my *so-called* sister bully me inter letting her be my witness. I mean, I told her "I'm getting married", her response: "Cool, I'm going to be your witness". I should have told her no and asked my best fried who I really wanted to be my witness, but that's me being a push-over..

Sorry, back to the day of: We actually managed to sleep in (until 8, awesome!), hurried to get ready (hubby didn't have time to shave, but looked so awesome with the 2-day shadow!). One thing I would change (besides being and adult and remembering to bring my ID instead of almost freaking out and calling the hubby to find it) is getting a hotel room for the night of. The family pulled pranks on us that annoyed the hell out of hubby and the bed was not really comfy, and the inquisition the morning after was more than inappropriate..

Helene in Between said...

oh i love this question. yes I would change my decor- i freaked over it and it didn't really matter and no one really cared. save money!

Allison said...

I had a videographer and love watching our wedding video years later. That is what so many of my friends say they regret not having after seeing my video! said...

|I loved my wedding day for the most part, i was really sick with a head cold my mom gave me 3 days before and i sure felt it by the end of the night and couldn't sleep as i forgot my medicine and we had no car lol.

I would have got my hair/make up done earlier than i did, i wanted to be fresh but it made me later than i wanted to be to start pics and i was panicing a bit. I also then would have had time to fix my hair more to my liking, it didn't turn out like the week before due to a miscommunication that i had no time to fix.

I also hated my makeup, i had a gorgeous dress with a long train that was navy and i wanted bold make up and she did the same brown that you see on everyone. Not at all what i wanted and she knew it. I got it done @ 11 and by 4 i couldn't tell i was wearing anything.

I had them come to us and i would have went to the salon for myself, so i could have some alone time, that i would have changed.

I also would have paid more attention to the photographer. Since i was sick i had a DNC attitude which in the end we had no ring pics nor did we have wedding party pics. We had the girls and the guys but only 1 pic all together because my family took up so much pics and i didn't want many family pics. I got mostly family pics with a few wp pics when i wanted it the other way around.

The only other thing i regret was that i took my dress off, it weighs a lot, close to 20 pounds with a chapel length train so when the bustle was done up it was heavier than it was down and i knew i would be very sad if i took it off but i couldn't dance and i was so so hot when everyone else was cold as i had the a/c up. I wish i would have had the mind to undo the bustle and kept the dress on cause it still makes me sad a year later. I paid a lot for my dress and i should have kept it on. My bridesmaid even asked me twice if that is what i really wanted to do and i said yes, i should have brought a fan for underneath instead lol. said...

I forgot one thing. We had his sister do the videography and while i appreciate seeing the ceremony i wish we would have went with professionals. That is something i recommend if you haven't already.

Dani said...

I loved my wedding day. The one thing I would change would be a bridesmaid, she wasn't the best choice and tried her best to make the day all about her.