August 8, 2013

Monthly Goals/Recaps

Check in time for July. OH EM GEE when did it become AUGUST!?!

Let's recap how poorly I did this month.


1] Attend wedding cake tasting and decide on wedding cake - Done and YUM!

2] Book Limo - Nope, will be done this week though.

3] Attend my Bridal Shower -

4] Decide on ceremony readings and readers - We've picked the reader, but haven't figured out the reading yet. 

5] Pick out wedding favors for guests - Sigh, still stuck between two thoughts.

6] Create centerpieces/table numbers for reception - Getting this done on Saturday.

7] Mail Out Wedding Invitations!!!! - BARELY made it, but DONE!

8] Create/brainstorm ideas for wedding programs - I have the idea I want, just need to get it to the design team.

9] Buy Wedding day Underthings - Going next week

10] Book Wedding night hotel - Didn't get done in July, but booked it in August.

11] Send out invite for family meeting party in August - And the PARTY was a blast!

12] Run at least two 4+ mile run a week - I did pretty well the beginning of the month, but lost workout time and therefore distance wasn't as important as JUST getting a workout in each day.

13] Work out 6x a week - Yes, 6! - I was able to do four times a week, but not six. Something about a wedding and stuff ;)

14] Lose X pounds -
I lost some weight in July, but gained it back during vacation.

Not nearly enough green on this page, but oh well.


Since this is the month before W-day, I've decided to NOT list out

It's just too much and I'll stress myself out.

Maybe I'll do another list later this month,
but my goal for August is to SURVIVE the rest of wedding planning
and pack up my single girl apartment.

Oh and enjoy this time of life, because as my sissy told me
I'll never have this moment or month of stress again.



Illegally Blonde said...

You are doing just fine and it will all get done. Don't forget to have fun in there too! I wish I could just swoop in and help you. Sending you love and extra energy.

Carolyn said...

I think you did great! :) You'll get it all done!!!

Alisha said...

Good luck my friend, everything will come together and it will be beautiful!