September 27, 2013

Cinco a Viernes


Uno] FALL IS HERE...crap! Yes you read that correctly, I'm probably the ONE blogger in all the land that isn't doing the PSL, leggings, boots, decorating WEEEE it's fall dance. My dis-appreciation of early fall celebration is well documented, but now that it's officially fall and getting chillier I've resigned myself to the fact that yes, now is the time for fall....poop. Don't get me wrong, fall can be fun, I'm just 100% a sun and the sand and tiny tank top and summer heat kind of girl. But, I can say HURRAY for football :)! So you fall fanatics drink your PSL and I'll cheers you with a margarita..... ;)

Dos] THIS SONG IS MY JAM! Pretty much on repeat my jam. Dancing around in the kitchen, with some hair flips, while making dinner my jam. Totally over the singer, but the song...yep, it's my jam! [can we talk about the commercial with the KIA mice?!?! too cute]
[if you can, play the song while reading my post, it makes more fun :)]

Tres] DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY USE A BOBBY PIN!?! I thought I did until I saw[no pun intended] this week. I've been doing it WRONG my whole life and didn't even know. I must admit, bobbypins work a bazillion times better when you use them correctly. You're welcome ladies, you're welcome. :)
Cuatro] WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE A BABY!?!? Ugh, the dreaded you 'JUST GOT MARRIED' follow up question. Seriously people, seriously?!!? I've been married less than three weeks and you're already asking me about babies?!?! Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor. Don't get me wrong, the Husband and I both want to have kids and a family and all that wonderful stuff, but in three years not NOW. When I was in college I wanted to be a young mom, but once I hit 27 my 'timeline' changed and I realized I wanted to have time with JUST my husband before bring munchkins into the mix. I want to travel, sleep in, buy shoes and be selfish a little bit longer thank you very much. So y'all keep having your sweet babies [muahmuah] and I'll keep rocking on over here with my husband as a DINK for a few more years :)!

CINCO] WEDDING PICTURES ARE POSTED!!!! ekkk yay wahoo! Our photographer emailed me a link to all of our wedding photos and I should be receiving a cd soon. I'm so excited, I spent a lot of time going through them all, reliving the perfect day. Now comes the hard part, choosing which ones to buy, frame and hang in our apartment. Thank goodness for pinterest right?!!? Right now, this is my favorite 'wedding photo' collage and I just love how it looks.
I can't wait to create my own version using our pictures. Wouldn't it look great with these?!?!

Shake your tail feather,


Jenn said...

Love the photo collage, and the photos you wanna use for it! All of them were so pretty, it's hard to choose just a few :)

I love the Applause song (at first when I wrote that it looked like Applesauce...not the same thing haha).

The only reason I knew about the bobby pins was cuz I saw it in a Pin a while back. Otherwise, I was doing it the wrong way, too. D'oh!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

People are definitely quick to throw out that baby question once you get married or hit a certain age. And isn't Pinterest neat? You can find inspiration for just about everything on there.

Taylor Jeavons said...

This can not be true about the bobby pin! My whole life. wow. years of incorrect bobby pinning...

Kelly Sue said...

Then after you have baby number one they will be asking you when you are having never ends girl

Katie said...

ughh dreaded baby question. I want babies too but I'm pretty sure people were asking us that question AT our reception. CHILL PEOPLE!

Wedding pictures are always so pretty :) I can't wait to get in our new home and hang up wedding pictures!

Alisha said...

Love the pictures!! So adorable!!

Ericka said...

I definitely need to try the bobby pin trick...I've been dong it wrong my whole life too!

Jaclyn @ Haute Granola said...

Found you through the link up...I learned the bobby pin trick last year....CHANGED MY LIFE.

Also I love your wedding pics!

Have a nice weekend!

Janna Renee said...

What's funny, is I thought that people would stop asking the baby question when we said we didn't want kids, and instead, it got worse! Definitely take the time to enjoy each other!