September 6, 2013

Wedding Week Guest Post: Carolyn

Today is my Rehearsal dinner day, eeek!

While I'm off rehearsing [and eating] please enjoy my sweet sweet [and #spicy] friend Carolyn aka C-LO. We 'met' almost two years ago and have been blog besties ever since.

She has been such an incredible help while I've planned my wedding
always keeping me calm and letting me vent.

Clo and her husband are expecting their first bambino ANY DAY NOW
but Aunt Pinky is hoping he makes an appearance on Saturday ;)!

Thank you so much for posting CLO!!!


Hello all you Pinky lovers! :) 

I'm Carolyn, and I'm taking over Pinky's blog while she's off becoming a wifey!

life, love & puppy prints

I blog over at Life, Love & Puppy Prints - where I talk about lots of stuff... but mostly my husband, my adorable dogs and our very first baby! 

While my life is pretty much centered around baby boy these days, almost exactly two years ago, it was very wedding centered!

I married my best friend (cheesy much??) on September 30th, 2011, and it was one of the best days of my life. I won't say it was perfect - because let's be real. No wedding is perfect. I promise you that there were things that went wrong, but I'll also promise you that I didn't care. That's the thing about weddings. They don't have to be perfect! No matter how many things go wrong, it's still an amazing day filled with love, happiness and fun... and you end up married! 

*if you want a full wedding recap - here's a link*

However, based on my experience... there are a couple key things you should do to ensure that your wedding day is as awesome as possible.
1. Pick the right guy. Preferably someone who can make you laugh. A lot.

2. Make sure to have some amazing ladies by your side. Again - if they make you laugh, that's a good thing. 

3. Make your day about you. We are crazy dog people, so we made sure to take pictures with them. Do what is going to make YOU happy... even if other people think it's weird. 

4. Have a cocktail. It brings the fun out. 

5. Take some time... just you and your husband. The day is going to FLY by, so make sure to take the time to enjoy it. 

6. And last... but certainly not least... make sure to have some amazing shoes. I promise... they're worth it. 


I don't need to worry even a little bit, because I know that Pinky is going to do all of these things, and that her wedding day is going to be absolutely amazing! 


Happy wedding my dear friend! :) I know you're going to have a blast, but I want you to make sure and let it all soak in. All of your stressing, your planning, your everything... it all went into this day! So enjoy it! Laugh, kiss C bunches and dance the night away! And take LOTS of pictures so I can feel like I was there! 

Love you!


(inside joke)



Jenn said...

This is a great list of advice!

Janna Renee said...

Aww! I bet your rehearsal dinner is going to be so fun! I love her list of advice too. What a gorgeous dress. I've seen her pictures before, but didn't realize how gorgeous it really was!