September 30, 2013

The Perfect Ratio

That would be me and C of course! The perfect ratio of crazy [me] and calm [him]. Okay, was that too much for ya?!?! Sorry, it's all newlywed mush up in here!

This weekend was the perfect ratio of production and relaxation, capped off with a bit of over indulgence. Come take a trip down recap lane will ya?

Friday night was date night and it was a fabulous one at that. C and I went to the gym and worked out together which was a blast. We pumped some major iron and had fun while doing it. After the wizzerkout we walked from the gym to Ted's grill for dinner. The meal was awesome as was the company and we just had a fun time hanging out being married. We topped off the night with some late night Menchie's and football before hitting the hay.

Saturday morning we were up early to run some errands before kickball practice. We finally were able to exchange some wedding presents and I FINALLY went to see a jeweler about resizing all of my rings. Yes, my engagement ring has been 2 sizes too big since February. It's all my fault because I told C the wrong size, but I didn't want to have any work done on the engagement ring until I received my two wedding bands. I'm waiting to hear back from the jeweler with a price but hopefully will have my beautiful rings back on Tuesday. My hand has been so lonely and empty without them :(! HURRY UP TUESDAY!

Kickball practice was supposed to be in DC but that ended up being a clustercuss. No parking and five bazillion festivals so me, C and Sportyspice had our own bunting and catching practice close to home. After that we spent the rest of Saturday eating and watching football. It was 100% gloriousness! There were so many amazing college games on, we didn't leave the couch/loveseat unless it was to go get food from the kitchen. C passed out on the couch during the Ohio State game [go bucks] but I was able to make it to bed once the game ended.

Sunday morning I was finally able to knock out a bunch of wedding thank you notes. I've done onesie-twosies randomly through the week, but took some time will drinking coffee to start making a dent in them. I even managed to get C to start his share of them, woohoo! Ain't no wife got time for ALL the thankyounotes!

We cranked em out and then headed to DC to watch the Bengal's game with a high school friend of C's. Even though the game was horrendes we all had a fun time chatting and trying to figure out how our horrible waitress got her job. 

After the game we headed to the grocery store then went home for the best dinner ever! Love #fatkidSundays!

Tell me you aren't JEALOUS!

We wrapped up the weekend watching some SNF and then hit the hay early. It's back to the business of eating right, working it out and getting ready for Vegas in two weeks! Woop can't wait!

What did your weekend look like?

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Jenn said...

Sounds like a great weekend with all kinds of great stuff! I love being a fat kid :)
Love that you got that stamp for the envelopes! I love ours :)

Jenn said...

Sounds like a great weekend with all kinds of great stuff! I love being a fat kid :)
Love that you got that stamp for the envelopes! I love ours :)

The Pink Growl said...

Sounds like a great weekend - love your mani!

Mrsteeh said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend aaahhhh the life of a newlywed! :D

Janna Renee said...

My ring was the wrong size too! He went off my right hand size, not my left. Unfortunately, we resized it, but they could only go down one size because of the setting, so it's still one size too big, haha.

Monica said...

That sounds like a really good weekend to me!

Alisha said...

I hate not having my ring on... I feel naked! Plus, you are still showing off the bling to everyone! :)

LOVE - LOVE - LOVE your stamp!!! So cute!!

Anonymous said...

You're married!!!!!! I have been MIA and totally missed it but I am so happy for you! I saw your pictures and you looked AMAZING!! Congrats girly!

Your Beauty Fix said...

An address stamp sounds incredibly convenient. Dont know why I didnt think of that sooner haha

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

UM I need that stamp ASAP!!! I hate writing out our address haha. What is that dinner?!? OMG. :)