October 1, 2013

Talk Back Tuesday

Hello ladies, what's kickin'?

I hope your Monday wasn't too insane and Tuesday is treating you well so far. Hey, it's almost hump day so that's something fun to think about right?

Today I want to say a BIG thank you to all the ladies that participated in me 'Talk To Me Tuesday' last week. I was really nervous since it was something very different and y'all were so sweet and took the time to answer my questions and for that I say thank you. Yay for sweet sweet blog friends!

Here are my favorite answers from the post:

Jessica - "Fall tv show: SCANDAL! (You knew that, though!)" So glad I have another Scandal friend. It's going to be good this season!

Stephanie - "My favorite movie is Forrest Gump, it just ever get old ;-)" I agree, such a great movie!

Alisha - "Pet Peeve? When people say X-presso instead of espresso. It drives me bananas when people are in front of me at Starbucks. I feel like I should correct them, but never do." I used to be an Xpresso-er but once corrected I've been an espresso-er :)

Ashley - "Pet Peeve - Return the dang shopping cart to the shopping cart holder people!" I'm with you lady, why are people so dang lazy?

Nicole - "I CAN'T WAIT for Parenthood and Grey's Anatomy to come back!" I used to be a Grey's girl but missed out on last season. I'll have to catch up soon!

Jenny - "What is your favorite number? 13 for sure! My birthday, anniversary and lucky day!" WOW, you've turned 13 into the best day ever!!!!
Janna - "My hubby is my crush, I could eat anything Italian for the rest of my life, I'm excited about Nashville and Modern Family, my biggest fear is uncooked or under cooked chicken, seven is my fave number" I love love love that your hubby is your crush and would totally eat Italian with you for the rest of our lives.

Kristen - "My all time favorite movie would have to be breakfast at Tiffany's. I pass the land mark every morning on my way to work and think of when Audrey says that nothing bad can happen to you there <3 b=""> Siiiiiiiiiigh, Audrey and Tiffany's siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!

Courtney - "My favorite movie soundtrack is actually Pirates of the Caribbean! Have you ever listened to it? It's amazing!" I love the POC soundtrack for the third movie, one of my favorites too!


Since y'all shared your answers, and since y'all asked here are my answers.

If you could describe your perfect day what would it be? A fun filled vacation with my husband and family then a romantic dinner just the two of us followed by a night dancing with my sissys.

What is your all time favorite movie? All of the Disney movies, 2 Weeks Notice, Field of Dreams The Negotiator.

What tv shows are you most excited about coming back in the fall? Scandal and NCIS

Who is your girl/guy crush? Chuck Bass and Sandra Bullock

What food could you eat every day for the rest of your life? Chips & Guac

What is your biggest fear? Snakes and being in an airplane crash

If you could invite one person to dinner, who would it be? Jesus

What is your favorite number? 3

Do you have a favorite movie soundtrack? Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End and Field of Dreams.

Which season is your favorite? SUMMA SUMMA SUMMA TIME

Who is your favorite author? David Bladacci or Vince Flynn

What are some interesting stories you have read online? Caroline leaving RHNJ, Hashtag video, Great NFL story.

What is your biggest pet peeve? Drink slurping, nose blowing, chewing with your mouth open, saying ACTS instead of ask.

Who are your three favorite bloggers? Can't name just three, I love you all!


Jenn said...

Those are some great answers! My favorite number is 3, too!

Jordan @ All The Small Things said...

Chuck Bass as your crush?! YES. A million times, YES. He is such a jerk most of the time, but the way he treats Blair, and his face when he gets that little smirk and goes, "I'm Chuck Bass"....SWOON.

Also, I LOVE Vince Flynn. I keep hoping that they'll make his books into movies, and get Mark Wahlberg to play Mitch, since they didn't get him to play Jack Reacher (which I think was a mistake, but I'll deal with it with grace if they have him play Mitch). It's too bad that he passed away... I used to live in the Twin Cities, where he (Vince) did, and I kept dreaming that someday I'd run into him at a coffee shop or something, and we'd have the most random, but awesome conversation about books and storylines and then I'd help him out with something, like a plot twist or something, and he'd include it in his next book. Never happened, though. Sad.

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

I love Chips and Guac, but only if it's home-made (the guacamole of course).

Ashley said...

i made the cut! who hoo!! and if you ever get that dinner with Jesus, I'm coming :)

you're too cute!

Ashley said...

i made the cut! who hoo!! and if you ever get that dinner with Jesus, I'm coming :)

you're too cute!

{Jessica} said...

Caroline's leaving RHONJ? Sad:( I used to like that one, but honestly, am just over the whole Theresa-Joe-Melissa mess. They need to get a new story line. I've been enjoying the OC and Beverly Hills versions much more. Is it sad that I still even watch that? Ugggh. Addicted.

And I about died when you listed 'acts' instead of ask. That bugs the HECK out of me. Learn how to pronounce words, people!!!