October 28, 2013

Make[ing] Moves Monday

This weekend was all about making some moves.
Mostly regarding the organizing of our apartment. I changed over my spring and summer clothes for my fall/winter gear, sad trombone. It's nice to have everything I need out of storage though. We also were able to reorganize the apartment and brought home most of our wedding gifts [thanks to the best parents ever for storing them this whole time].

Good thing we reorganized because we now have SO MUCH stuff to put away again. It's going to be a bit like Tetris getting everything settled, but we'll get it done. It's been much easier than expected so far, and I'm crossing my fingers it stays easy.

 We also got in some moving ourselves at the gym and a nice run on Sunday. I always enjoy our Friday night gym dates and it feels so good to MOVE again. Today is the first day of morning workouts, wish me luck mmmmkay?!?!

Need some movement in your life....check out these to amazing videos!

Move your feet to the beat

 I dare you to watch this and NOT be moved....or cry!

Have a wonderful Monday muffins!

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Nicole Shea said...

I also changed over my wardrobe! Always so fun to see my old fall favorites! :)

{Jessica} said...

You go girl! You are inspiring me to want to move, that's for sure:) May just get up and at least do some yoga poses here in the office while it's quiet!

Katie said...

Before we got married I thought we had a decent amount of storage in our kitchen in our first house. After all the bridal shower gifts and wedding gifts I realized our kitchen wasn't so spacious. hahah So good call on organizing the apartment before bringing in all the gifts.

Brittany @ Infinity Ampersand said...

That cups tap dance is so fun! Isn't it so sad to put away the summer clothes? I always try to hold off for as long as possible, which usually just results in me freezing anytime I leave the house until I give in :)

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Jenn said...

Getting organized is the best feeling. And I bet with all of those presents, even tho it's a slight pain to find places for them, it's nice knowing that so many people loved you guys enough to get you such lovely gifts! :)
Good luck with the workouts! I'm sure you'll do great :)

Janna Renee said...

I love videos like this! I've been watching so many lately, and just want more, haha!