October 3, 2013

Real Life

Today, in honor of my post yesterday I'm posting about real life.

No photo shop, no sparkly pictures or superfulous words making the mundane exciting. Just raw, real this is us life.

Real life in the home of C and Pinky.

Real life in our home is constantly forgetting to meal plan. We have the books and the food we just never make the time to actual plan the week out.

Real life in our home is a kiss on the forehead of a sleeping husband in the mornings.

Real life in our home is boxes and presents everywhere around the apartment. I've tried to hide them while we figure out where they go, but they are everywhere.

Real life in our home is eating dinner in the 'living room' in front of the tv. I wish we had the space for more of a kitchen table [and one that isn't used as a storing space] so we could share a meal as two instead of with the tv.

Real life in our home is biting my tongue when I wanna spout off.

Real life in our home is a husband that often has to work late into the night while I try and sleep. Sometimes it means I'm laying in bed for a few hours while he's working because I can't sleep, but more often than not I'm asleep until he climbs into bed and kisses me good night.

Real life in our home is being lazy when I know I should be taking care of things around the apartment.

Real life in our home is a stack of Thank You notes waiting to be written. They keep staring me down and I keep trying to hide my face from them.

Real life in our home is no fall decor what so ever. There hasn't been time bring it all out and by the time I bring it out, it will be time to put it away.

Real life in our home is trying to figure out where all of our stuff is going to go and being frustrated about more moving of things. I know we are lucky to be in the situation we are in, but the thought of moving and boxing up more possessions makes me cranky.

Real life in our home is a later bedtime than normal, which means being awake to hear the soft sweet sounds of Taps floating through the open windows.

Real life in our home is smiling at a pair of my husband's sandals in the living room. Smiling because they are my husband's and I'm a wife.

Real life in our home is messy, crazy, happy, and wonderful. :)


Jenn said...

Love this post! So cute :)

Cece said...

Real life sounds pretty real...and great. I don't do the whole fall decor or any holiday decor thing for that matter. I just don't care about it...but I want to if that makes any sense. I have a really hard time sleeping when my husband is not in bed too.

The Pink Growl said...

real life is definitely has ups and downs, but it's pretty great :)

{Jessica} said...

Love this! There is so much beauty in REAL life, and you've brought a smile to my face reminding me of that today:)

Alisha said...

Love this! So cute, and a great way to remember life is beautiful, even when it isn't perfectly styled. xx

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

I'm glad you're enjoying married life so much! Your place will come together. There might be some purging involved, but sooner or later, everything will have it's place (or new home).

Katie said...

My husband works late some times too. I also lay in bed waiting for him to come home, but normally end up failing asleep alone. The positive to that is I married a hard worker and I'm proud of him!!

I like the sandal one :) 'because they are my husband's and I'm a wife'

Jenna said...

I love this post! I may need to write a "real life" post of my own here soon!

Newlyweds are so cute! :)

Carolyn said...

Love this! :) I'm so happy for you!!!