October 31, 2013

30 NOT BY 30

Last April I posted a 30by30 post.
A very ambitious 30by30 post since I posted it with only one year to complete everything. I had originally written the post back in 2011, but never posted because I thought it was too silly. Now I wish I had, so I could have looked back at it more. OH well. Ya live, you learn you get Luvs :)!
Anyway, I'm going to change this to a 33 by 33 list to give myself a sporting chance. Let's see where I am now and how much I still have to do in the next three years...gulp!

1) Get Engaged!!!!!!!!!

2) Buy  home with my husband

3)Run a Marathon

4) Cook a whole Thanksgiving/Christmas meal

5) Get Married!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6)Go back to Brazil for mission work

7)Volunteer with the youth at my church

8)Go to a Yankee's game in the new stadium

9)Go to a NCAA National Football Championship

10) Go to a Dallas Cowboys Football game at Cowboys stadium

11) Go with C to a Bengals game

12) Take an Destination Unknown trip with C

13) Visit Baby Spice at law school

14)Go Camping for the weekend

15)Ride in a hot air balloon

16) Do something CRAZY trendy with my hair

17)Sing a solo/duet/quartet at my church

18)Get better at math (not use a calculator all the time)

19)Tell people about my blog

20)Write regularly to a solider over seas


22)Set a fitness goal and stick with it for at least 6 months
WOOHOO wedding prep ;)

23)Decorate my place on a budget
Loved my one bedroom, 2012

24)Do a 'New Recipe a Month' program for a year

25)Become fully reliant on myself (not my parents)
[now that I have a husband I'll give myself half credit, but I still turn to them a ton]

26)Hike Old Rag mountain with C
October 2012

27)Visit Nashville
January 2013

28)Truly be able to tithe at church

29)Have all my Christmas shopping done by Halloween

30)Consider starting a family

31) Visit Europe

32) Complete a NO BUY Month

33) Change my job
I can't log off without wishing my very good blog friend, turned IRL friend, JANNA a happy birthday! I know you're missing your husband again, but I'm sending you a big hug and smoocharoo lovey! Hope today is fabulous! MUAH!
[stolen from her blog cause they are so cute!]

Happy Halloween to the rest of y'all! If your going out to party, please be careful while you're having fun! I'll be playing in a 9:30pm soccer game...outside....thank goodness for a mild fall! Have a fabulous day bunnies!


Janna Renee said...

Big hugs right back atcha! I'm soooo happy that we are IRL friends, because you bring me mucho joy in my life! I hope the game goes well and it's not too cold! Good job for crossing get engaged and get married off the list ;)

Taylor Jeavons said...

You've certainly been a busy bee!

I've nominated you for The Sunshine Award, deets are on my blog right now :)


Jenn said...

I think you've done a lot. A lot of your list requires tons of travelling and that's just hard to pack in with that little thing called a J-O-B. Knowing you, these will all get accomplished at some point. And no need to rush--spread out the fun and enjoy it for longer :)

Ashley said...

love all your church "to-dos" you are the cutest! good luck with your list little lady and happy halloween!!

Alisha said...

This is a great list, keep working at it! You will get them all done at some point!

I love all of your exclamation points after "Get Engaged" & "Get Married".

You are too cute!

Illegally Blonde said...

Umm please come to Texas and do the Cowboys game!! like pretty please? I like this 33 before 33 thing.... since im almost a month into 31...

Katie said...

Great list! Some of those (get better at math!) would be impossible for me!

Lauren said...

You have a great start already! I support this list, except that trip to Cowboys Stadium... I live in a NY Giants house so I can't support such crazy talk :)

Courtney B said...

You and Janna are IRL friends?? I'm even more jealous now! I want to come play!!

I turn 26 in January and I'm totally making a 27 before 27 list. It will be SO good to hold myself accountable for some things that need to change, and some things I've been dreaming of doing!!

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

What a great list, Pinky! Lets commit on the marathon together! I'm planning on running a half-marathon in 2014 and a full marathon the year after or 2016.