November 1, 2013

How is it November already?!?!

Am I the only one asking that question?!?! I can't believe October has come and gone and we are at the start of November. This last part of the year has just flown by and we're almost to 2014....good golly wolly! Anyway, it's 'Friiiiiiiiiiiiday, Friiiiiiiiiiiday, time to link up on Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday'!


1] I dressed up as my husband for Halloween! Yes, I know what you are thinking, 'man this newlywed girl is so cheesy' and I would have to agree. But, in my defense we had a work party on Wednesday and I needed a comfortable and work appropriate costume. Being that my husband played baseball all his life and a few years in the minors, stealing one of his baseball uniforms made sense to me. Everyone at work and on facebook loved the costume and I have to say I think I rocked it pretty well, what do you think?!

2] Treats on treats on treats! For said work party I chose to bring in desserts and after perusing pinterest channeled my inner Martha Stewart for some festive treats. They were all super simple and tasted really good too. I'll be posting the recipes next week, so stop back by if you get the chance!
Sweet&Salty Candy Corn Bites, Witches Hat cookies, Clementine pumpkins, Banana& Chocolate Chip Ghosts

3] Blissful happiness! - That was me last week. I was driving home from grabbing lunch on a beautiful autumn afternoon. The sun was shining through the sun roof, the air was brisk and the classical music on the radio was divine. The strands of Pachelbel's Canon in D brought a huge smile to my face as I remembered my wedding day. I was suddenly overcome with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy regarding where my life is at this juncture. I'm married to an amazing man, my wedding was perfect to me, I have a job, a home, a loving family and am financially stable enough to splurge on things I enjoy. I may not 'have it all' but I truly do have 'all I need' and that is such a blessing.

4] It's the Holiday season! And I'm so excited! You can dislike me all you want for being excited already, but I begin thinking and celebrating Christmas after Halloween. Always have, always will, but if you choose not to that's A-OK in my book. I'm 23048230483 kinds of excited for my first MARRIED COUPLE Christmas and am already looking into our FIRST Christmas cards. EEEK! I can't wait, we are going to be sooooo official this year, YAY! And yes, I AM listening to Pandora Christmas stations should be too ;)!
5] NOLA next week! WOW! I feel like we JUST got back from our kickball tournament in Vegas and next week we have our LAST tournament of the year in NOLA. Craziness I tell you, but exciting craziness. I can't wait to devour some beignets from Cafe du Monde and enjoy all the sights and sounds of Nola again. I really love the city and am looking forward to doing some more exploring. Hopefully this year the tournament outcome will be better than last years. I'm super bummed we aren't leaving for a cruise though. Siiiiiiiiiigh, guess I'll just have to wait until our summer cruise to Europe for our honeymoon. :)
That's it for this week loves, I hope that you have a FABULOUS DAY!!

Drop down and get your eagle on........


Taylor Jeavons said...

Your halloween treats turned out sooo well! Love the oranges with the celery. And yayyy for Xmas!!!!

Courtney B said...

Oh my heck... you are SO CUTE! I love, love, love your positive attitude!

And I love being a cheesy wifey ;)

I admit it, I'm SO sad it's November! Time is flying too fast and my baby will be 1 next month. ONE! Not even fair (ha!)

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

The Halloween treats look so yummy. And we've already started watching Christmas movies and cuing up the Christmas music. This is truly the most wonderful time of the year! Have fun in NOLA!

Alisha said...

I am also SO stoked for Christmas. It is the BEST!

Jenn said...

I cant believe that it's November already,either!
Yummy Halloween treats are always nice! Too bad I was in meetings all day yesterday so I didn't get to partake in any fun treats. Wah!
Creative costume idea!!
YAY Friday!

Cece said...

That costume idea is perfect!! Very creative.

Katie said...

What a great costume! Comfort is always the best with Halloween! said...

You look cute!!!

I never thought i would be like everyone else but i really wanted the wedding march and to listen to going to the chapel on the way to the wedding (which i forgot to dl, geesh)but since we got married in a catholic church no wedding march :(.

I still thought i would be different and chose completely different songs than what i normally hear. With my husband's church you have to have a musician, no recorded music and they have to like them. With it being a holiday weekend our favorite was busy and her recommendation was busy too. I was feeling a bit scared thinking we would have to change our date due to no musician.

I ended up finding a pianist and without hearing her too my MIL word that she is good. She also sings. Cannon in D was not on my list but she emailed or phoned and said she wanted to split up the walk (the priest only wanted one song for all of us) and said she had something in mind. After not being able to get what i wanted i told her i didn't care, do what she thought would be good.

I did not care for it much before but i love it now, i do prefer the version in our video which is strictly piano but i love the violin overall and like you it will always remind me of our wedding now :).

Long tale, sorry lol. Have fun in NOLA.

Laura Darling said...

I love that you dressed up as your husband, that is too funny! Was he dressed up as you?! Haha! Hope you had a good weekend! :)