November 21, 2013


OH angsty teenage years,
do you ladies remember those?!?!

Back in middle or high school
and thinking you KNEW everything?!?!

How that one boy's smile could 
make or BREAK
your day?

How your parents were

understand what you were feeling.
[happy, joy, sadness, angst, fear, puppy love]


Well I do, for sure. 

I remember finding solace in music. 

Goo Goo Dolls

Limp Bizkit
Source: via Charles on Pinterest

Papa Roach

My junior year of high school my dad was deployed to South Korea while the four B ladies stayed at home in the USA. 
That was hands down the worst year of my life. 
My grades plummeted, my mom and I were fighting constantly 
[sorry mama b] 
and I was just so upset my dad wasn't home.

Did I mention I was 16 and thought I knew EVERYTHING!?!

Yeah, we won't talk about that now, haha.

But, we can talk about the bands that helped ease my angst.
That made lil young pinky feel tough and hard.

Or emo, depending on the mood. 

I listened to some old Goo-Goo dolls
and Papa Roach recently
and immediately was back in high school
and all angsty. 

 All I can do is laugh at me back then.

What I thought was important.
What I thought was right.
And HOW MUCH I thought I knew. 

Bless my teenage heart, but lawd I was a mess ;)!

I'm glad I'm no longer angsty or emo-y. 

I'm so happy to be so happy!

But, I have to say thanks to the angst musicicans
that helped me out when the 

Do you have any angst music?!?


Illegally Blonde said...

OMG, papa roach... or how about some good ole Blink 182? I also was known to jam out to a little No Doubt, I mean what says angst more than "Don't speak!"

{Jessica} said...

Oh my gosh, have to agree with Lynn above - Blink 182 all the way. Lol! Those were the good ol' days. Just glad we survived our crazy teenage angst years!:)

Jenn said...

Oh we definitely all went through it. Just glad that we all MADE it through and are much much happier on the other side. Lord help us when we have kids!

Shayna Yancey said...

HAHA! I love this!! It's so fun to think back & even better, listen to those songs & artist from our younger years!! I will randomly hear songs on the radio & I immediately go back to that place or time of where that song was so influential! I've always turned to different music for things in life... some things never change!! said...

I am going through that with my 15 year old. He is way worse than i was though attitude wise and i thought i was bad lol.