November 22, 2013

Another Thankful Friday FIVE

Last week I decided to make my post about five things I'm thankful for and I'm keeping with that theme today. This week I'm thankful for some serious and some not so serious things :)!

1] The families behind our men and women in the military 
I mentioned last week how thankful I am for our armed forces and the men and women that put their lives in danger every day so that our country can be free. I failed to mention the families behind those amazing men and women. I am so in awe of the families that are left behind while loved ones are deployed. C was on a work trip one night this week and when I went to bed that night, I looked at the empty side of the bed and just thought 'I miss him'. I can only imagine missing my husband or wife for months or even  years at a time. An empty bedside isn't a fun thing for that long I can bet, so I'm sending happy hugs and vibes to those with deployed loved ones, especially around the holidays. < 3

2] Good Coffee
That would be a nonfat caramel macchiato that C ordered for me all by himself! He's so good to me!
 Aka the nectar of the god's. I love me some coffee, especially some GOOD COFFEE! I used to be a girl that enjoyed a lil coffee with her cream, but as my coffee tastes have grown, I've been adding less and less to a good cup of joe. I've also learned that the trick to drinking black coffee is making sure the coffee you drink is good quality. Because I've been IFing for the past six months I've had to learn to drink my coffee sans sugar/cream. The first few days it was ugly, but that's because I was drinking Folgers or Maxwell House. Once I graduated to Godiva, and sometimes Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts flavored coffees, oh my land it was smoooooth sippin. I try to stay away from Starbucks usually, but their holiday flavors and red cups get me every season.

3] Kickball
Who knows where I'd be today if it weren't for a big red/orange ball and a bunch of people that love to compete and get hammered afterwards. My life took an incredible turn for the best in 2010 when I decided to join a random kickball team in DC. I was recruited from my VA team and without too much thought [which is so random for ME] decided to join a new team, compiled of people I had never met before in my life. I seriously knew of one person on the team when I joined. God granted me the peace and excitement needed to jump at the new adventure and low and behold three years later I'm married to an amazing man. One that I probably NEVER would have met without that first kickball team. We've traveled the country for tournaments, had some awesome parties, made amazing friends and fell in love all due to a kids game. So thank you WAKA and Kickball365, you've made my life amazing.

4] Optimism
  I'm so thankful I was raised in an optimistic household and have kept that optimism throughout my life. There are way too many debbie downers, cathy complains alot and whiny wendys in the world, and I'm glad 99% of the time I don't add to the pessimism.When people describe me, nine times out of ten the word optimist is used and that makes me extremely happy. I actually like helping people find the silver lining and the good in situations, it's better then commiserating and wallowing in downerville right?!? Sometimes I fall prey to complaining/whining about petty things like meetings, traffic, an inconveniences, but I'll usually remember how much worse other people have it and snap back to my optimistic perspective. Life is too short to be anything but happy, so smile don't complain :)!

5] Bobby-pins and Hairspray
Let me just state for the record, I love sleep. It's like my favorite ;)! But, sometimes activities are more important than sleep so that means turn around time in the mornings has to be quick. Lately, I've been trying to keep my hair healthy and won't wash it every morning/night [but yes, I shower]. Sadly, my fine hair loses volume the next day so a twist updo, or ballerina bun are the new second day staples. Thank goodness I have me some awesome [and cheap] bobby pins and fabulous hair spray to keep everything in check.

What are y'all thankful for today!?!?

Get on up and SHAKE THAT BOOTY


Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

amen to being raised and rasing kiddos in an optimistic household!!! cheers to that! happy friday! xx

The Pink Growl said...

I love every single one of these! Especially #1!! SO TRUE! I have the same hair you do, so I've never really thought of it but I'm also thankful for bobby pins! :)

Jenn said...

YAY for all of these! And for being thankful!

Illegally Blonde said...

I live for the bun and curled hair to hide the limpness

Jessi Otey said...

great post thanks for sharing! (I need more coffee now haha)

Christa at Forever Young said...

I love your number 1. As a military daughter, I can attest that every statement is true. Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

Forever Young

Kelly B. said...

haha I wonder if my coworkers have caught on that "fishtail braid days" mean no shower. And yes, I'm THAT gross where if my hair ain't getting showered, I'm not getting in the shower. #extradeodorant

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I love that our #1 was similar, yeah for the military! That is so awesome you met your husband playing kickball! Although I have my moments I am known more for my optimism, it is so much better to be positive!

{Jessica} said...

I have fine hair too sweet girl, and only wash my hair 2-3 times a week if you can believe it. It really helps with keeping it healthy! Get you some 'Not Your Mother's Girl Powder Volumizing Hair Power'. It's less than $5 at stores like Walmart and it's amazing! It will plump up your hair and make it look fresh and full. I promise!!!

Hannah said...

All about that coffee! I use to drink it black, but I've become addicted to adding soy milk. I need to get back on the black coffee train!

Anonymous said...

Bobby pins and hairspray are a girl's best friend. Love Starbucks especially their holiday drinks - peppermint mocha + holiday shopping = perfection. Have a great weekend! :)