November 5, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Halloween Party Treats

Morning! Before we get into my treats, I have to ask DID YOU VOTE YET!?!? If your state has elections today I hope to goodness you did. Voting is a right and a responsibility and we need to treat it as such. If you don't vote, you can't complain!

C and I had a nice lil date this morning at the polls and we both are now sporting our "I VOTED" stickers. Do your part and get a sticker mmmkay?!!?

Okay, stepping down from soapbox now!

Today is another round of Good Tastes Tuesday!
Good Tastes Tuesday Linky 9/3-9/9
Yes,I understand, Halloween is over. However, I made these treats last week, after the Tasty Tuesday linkup, so I'm sharing them today! We had a work party and I chose to bring in some yummy sweets. I'm known for bringing in unique and fun treats, so I spent the weekend/week scouring Pinterest dessert inspiration.

Here are the treats I created!

Sweet & Salty Candy Corn Bites inspiration found *here*
What you need: Small pretzel bites, candy corn, hugs or kisses, a cookie sheet and an oven.
Instructions: Heat oven to warm, place pretzels on cookie sheet, unwrap candy and place on top of pretzels, put cookie sheet in oven, once candy is soft [5-7 minutes] take out of oven and press candy corn onto candy.

Witches Hat inspiration found *here*
What you need: Fudge striped cookies, kisses, orange icing
Instructions: Place cookies upside down on flat surface [I used a cookie sheet], pipe orange icing around the middle of the cookie, place kiss on top of icing and smush until a lil icing appears around the rim.

Healthy Halloween treats inspiration found *here* 
What you need: Clementines, celery, bananas, chocolate chips
Instructions: Peel clementines, cut celery into small bite size pieces, place celery in the top hole of clementine. Peel bananas, cut in half, place a chocolate chip as the eyes and mouth of the banana.

All of these treats were SUPER EASY and simple to make. All of the links I pinned have more detailed directions, but honestly you really don't need much more than I gave you. Most of these would be super fun to do if you have children.

Let me know if you try them out :)

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Courtney B said...

Cutest treats (seriously, since when did food become cute??) My favorite are the little pumpkins! So simple!

Jenn said...

The treats look great, minus the bananas haha but you know how I feel about those.
Try and remember to link this up tomorrow with MY link up too (if you want)!

Jenn said...
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Katie said...

cute snacks! I have made a version of the candy corn ones you did. They are SO addicting. Try it with a rolo and a pecan on the pretzel. It's like a Turtle. DELISH!

Monica L said...

I love all of those! I did the clementines with the kids at school and they loved it