November 14, 2013

Thoughts On A Thursday

Little teaser from next week's Wedding Wednesday
.:. Being sick is no bueno, but a sick day isn't too bad - As you can tell from my lack of posting, I was home sick yesterday. I woke up not feeling well and figured instead of infecting everyone else, I would take a sick day and knock out whatever bug my body was fighting. Luckily after sleeping in, some fluids and rest I'm feeling much better and back at work. I'd put money that this was due to the weather change of 70 degrees to 30 degrees, plus a lack of sleep all weekend. Fingers crossed whatever it is stays away.

.:. Having a clean and decorated apartment does wonders for the soul - Oh my laaaaaaand, I was FINALLY able to put away all of our gift boxes [minus the kitchen] and actually decorate our place. The living room is vacuumed, flowers are in vases, fall themed pumpkins are out and it smells gooood. I'm excited for our first 'home', but right now, our lil apartment is feeling super cozy :)!

.:. The health train is still at the station - And it doesn't look like it's leaving anytime soon. Going on vacation can really mess with the munchy snack monster and an empty fridge is no bueno either. I've been snacking on smores cookies, lucky charms and eating suishi for lunch like it's my job. The holiday season is the WORST time to try a new healthy regimen so I'm going to try and just slowly start eating better one meal at a time. Starting with a delicious tuna lunch today......and NOOOOO cookies ;)!

.:. Three days of 'messy dirty hair' is all this girl can take - Since being home from NOLA, life has been a bit hectic with surpsie hockey games and meetings. So I've been using AS LITTLE time as possible to get ready in the mornings in order to gain a few extra minutes of sleep. Twisting my hair or ballerina bunning it has been a saving grace, but three days is DEF the max for me. I have noticed that not washing it as often has led it to grow more I'm excited to be rocking longer hair. Instead of doing the JUST MARRIED hair chop, I think I'm going to keep it long for the holiday season. Note to self, hair appointment ASAP!

.:.  Do you know the REAL story about the lady who sued McDonalds? - I'd waged a lot of money you don't. Like most people I thought the lady was driving, with coffee between her legs, spilled on herself and then sued the company to get rich. If you thought the same thing, you would be 100% wrong. Her story has become so twisted it's sad. If you have a moment watch *this* video and get the real story before you use her as the butt of a joke.

.:.  Our CHRISTMAS CARDS ARE HERE - Can you tell I'm a lil excited? Thank you for all of your awesome suggestions, y'all are the best. I ended up going with Minted as they were running a $20 off [express creation], $25 off and free shipping special. I am so in love with them and while I will NEVER spend the amount of money I did this year on cards again, I am so happy with the cost and the design. I can't wait to share them with you later next month.

Have a great day pretties! < 3


Jenn said...

Can't wait to see the Xmas cards--I'm sure they are super pretty!
Hope you're feeling better! Being sick is the worst (take it from this girl who seems to catch every sickness the PS kiddos bring into the school!)
Eating healthy around the holidays is SO hard...glad you are trying little by little. I think that's the best way to make it through.

Kristin said...

Feel better girly! But enjoy your sick day at your clean apartment! :)

Bitzy said...

I TOLD YOU about the McDonalnds Coffee Lady (how the trial went down and the Movie "Hot Coffee") like 2 years ago when the conversation came up! Glad you believe an internet video over your sister ... ;)

Katie said...

Glad you are feeling better than you were yesterday! Hope that stays away. Love all the orange in that picture with the pumpkins & flowers! PRETTY!! said...

I don't know the mcdonald's story nor time to watch it right now but i will have to check it out.

How exciting about your christmas cards. I did not even send out christmas cards last year, i don't usually. I have a couple to send to this year but i won't bother with most lol.

I went drastic post wedding haircut. More than 18 inches. My hair was to the middle of my back (bra line) and i went to 1 inch lol. I did it in 3 stages. I have shaved my hair before but i did not want to have a heart attack doing it all at once lol. Now i am ready for it to grow back, then will cut it again.

Cassidy D. said...

Im glad you're feeling better! Missed your wedding post yesterday, I can help but stalk those posts (for obvious reasons ;)