November 11, 2013

Jambalay, crawfish pie, filay gumbo

We're back from a long weekend in NOLA for a kickball tournament. I wish I could say we came back winners, but alas we did not. Le husband and I are pretty upset about it and both of us think it might be time to hang up the kickerball cleats. We will need to find something else active to compete in though, y'all have any suggestions?!?

While Saturday didn't go as well as we had hoped, we were able to enjoy our time down in the south. We arrived into Baton Rouge Thursday afternoon and minus a lil bit of traffic had a pretty easy drive to New Orleans (sounds like pain of a drive, but we saved $500 not flying directly into NOLA). 

After we dropped things off at our hotel we made a beeline for some authentic Cajun cooking. Boy did we find it! We stumbled upon the famous Mulates and chowed down on delicious alligator, mahimahi, crab au gratin and veggies.

Once dinner was over we walked to bourbon street to meet up with our teammates. I don't care what's anyone says, bourbon street is a ton of fun and I enjoy it for the one or two nights we are in town. We didn't party as much as last year but we had fun.

Friday morning we made a stop at the famous Cafe du Monde and inhaled the tasteful beignets and chickory coffee. So amazing!!!!

The rest if the day was spent sight seeing, napping, and relaxing before our team dinner. NOLA is an awesome city to explore and we made the most of it walking around. After dinner we packed everything for game day and then hit the hay early. 

Saturday was game day and we did pretty well in pool play. I personally had some awesome diving catches and plays at second. C played well too. We lost to a Maryland team we've never lost to, due to awful mistakes and it really sucked. 

We were so upset about the loss, but tried not to let it ruin our night. There was an awesome pizza place near our hotel and we housed dinner. Since the rest of our team stayed to watch the finals, we turned on the LSU-ALABAMA while we waited for everyone to get ready to go out. The next thing I know, it's 1am and the tv is blaring... Oops! 

Sunday was another cafe du monde breakfast and more sight seeing. There was a cruise ship docked on the river and Le husband suggested trying to get a cheap last minute ticket so we could cruise like last year. I was thiiiiiis close to taking him up on the offer, but darn that work responsibility ;)! All in all it was a fun trip with Le Husband, I just wished we were coming home with money winnings in our pocket. 

I was so sad to leave the sunny, 70 degree weather behind for the cold 50s we have today. There has been talk of snow tomorrow which really has me honked, but oh well. 

How was your weekend?!?!?

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Of course, no post today could be complete without saying THANK YOU times a bazillion to all of our VETERANS!!!! No other words than thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

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Jenn said...

Minus the loss, it sounds like it was a lovely weekend. Good time with good people and a good food! YUM! :) Glad you had a good weekend trip!

Sami said...

Bummer about your loss, but Nola sounds like a blast! That Cajun food looks so delicious :)

Lauren said...

The fact that you are on a kickball team that travels for games is a great reason to stay with it, win or lose. Sounds like so much fun!

ae said...

Cafe du Monde's beignets are the best! Looks like a great weekend!

Visiting your blog from the Monday Morning Gossip link up.

Your Beauty Fix said...

I think I just gained ATLEAST 5lbs scrolling through those photos.... but it was worth it lol

Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

Alisha said...

I agree with Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix --- I have gained five pounds already looking at all of this yummy food!

Megan said...

Ohhhh, this makes me want to eat some NOLA goodness right now!!

Kimberlee VDW said...

Everyone that goes to NOLA says the food is ah-mazing! I need to get my butt down there! Those beignets look delicious :)

Thanks for linking up!