November 7, 2013

That Time I Had Nothing To Post

Today's post is a blog questionnaire I found a while ago.

Thank you Erica!

Since I'm gone on my trip and am still trying to blog for NaBloPoMo I'm having to do some blog post stretching. Adding two days a week is a bit of a challenge, but that just means actually finishing posts I've saved in drafts, instead of just letting them sit there. 

Feel free to disengage now if you're looking for something really entertaining or profound. I promise I won't be offended. I mean, technically I'm not here anyway right!?!?


Three things I use every time I shower
1. Shampoo/Conditioner
2. Body wash
3. Face wash

What does your handwriting look like?
I really don't like my handwriting, it's not very pretty but it's not horrible.

Three things I'd like to do before I die
1. Run a marathon
2. Have a child
3. Make a profound difference in someones life.

What is making you laugh at the moment?
Le husband. He's funny when he doesn't mean to be and then other times he's making crack up at his silly antics. As they say 'be with the one that makes you laugh'! :)

Three embarrassing moments
1.I'm notoriously bad at remembering people I've already met. Most people that I meet remember me because A] My full name is unusual and not very many people have it and B] I have two sisters that share the same last name, so people remember me from them. I am constantly embarrassed when I shake someones hand and say "Nice to meet you" and they say "We've already met" DOH!

2. I suck at math! Literally am the WORST at math. One time I added three boys and three girls in the car and said the girls had more votes because there were more in the car. hashtagfailedfirstgrade.

3. My car accident two weeks before my wedding...all because I wanted a drink of water. #sosadzsoembarrassedz

NaBloPoMo November 2013


Jenn said...

This was a cute, fun post! (I chuckled about you "technically" not being here anyway). I'll miss you on 'the chat' today! Have fun!!

Monica L said...

Super cute! I don't like my handwriting either...

Laura Darling said...

Ah that's the worst! Last week I was at a fundraiser and someone came up to me and said "HI! You remember me, don't you?" And I didn't! I wanted to die!

Illegally Blonde said...

This made me laugh and love you even more. Have fun in NOLA

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Oh, I could give you a run for your money on math ;-) And somehow, I managed to get hired at the reporting department of a major international company. A smart person would now calculate how long it'll take me to math this corporation into the ground ;-)