November 8, 2013

Here, but not really here

That's right ladies, today I'm in beautiful NOLA and I'm purdy darn excited about it. Hopefully by the time you're reading this, I'm enjoying delicious beignets and coffee at the famous Cafe Du Monde. I'll cheers ya one okay?!?!


1] Pamela Anderson weighs LESS than me -YES! Home girl with hoohas the size of my booty weighs less than I do currently. Did I mention she is 5' 7" and I'm 5' 3" on a tall day!?! I just...can't....I mean....WHAT!?!? Granted she's a strict vegan and I've yet to find a sugary treat I don't enjoy [minus anything pumpkin flavored ;)], so I can see how she keeps lean and I well, don't. I'd like to state for the record that I think she looks amazing and more power to her for completing the NYC marathon last weekend. Guess I need to hit the pavement and toss the leftover Halloween candy ASAP!

2] Bullying in the NFL - Bullying is wrong, period. I don't care if you are a three year old bullying a two year old, a middle schooler, high schooler, college student, athlete or adult, it's 100% wrong. The story about the bullying of Jonathan Martin, by Richie Incognito is disgusting and horrible. I'm an athlete and I understand the 'hazing' involved with rookies, but there is always an amount of human respect. Sadly, that wasn't the case in this instance. Incognito is a despicable example of a human being and I honestly hope he gets what's coming to him.

3] New Name - Yes, I'm finally taking the time to change my name. I think I'm the only girl in the Facebook world that didn't change her name the weekend of her wedding. I've had many friends married after me and they have already changed their name on Facebook. I know I need to start the official process of changing my name, and I'm taking the steps now, but am I the only one that didn't/doesn't feel the need to immediately change my name on Facebook!?!?

4] Shadier than Slim Shady -I'm talking bout the gubernatorial elections here in Virginia. It was revealed over the weekend that an Obama campaign bundler was secretly helping fund the Virginia Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, in an effort to split the conservative votes.I don't know about you but that's some shady BS!!! I can only imagine the outrage if this situation were flipped and the GOP was at fault. But, of course, it will be glossed over in our media [Benghazi debacle anyone?!?!] since their 'good guy' won the election. As a former journalist the bias in our media makes me so unbelievably upset. The media has been bought by our President and his party and therefore we only get the news they deem worthy. BARF!
5] Christmas Cards - Alright ladies, I need your help. I'm designing our FIRST Christmas cards and want to ask y'all who is the best [and possibly cheapest] option. I see TinyPrints on different blogs, but haven't used them yet. Are their prices good for their product? Are there any other good picture Christmas card vendors? Since these are our first Christmas cards, I want to include at least one wedding picture, so I'm looking at picture cards. Thanks in advance!

Slam your body down and wind it all around,

NaBloPoMo November 2013


Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

hey girl! i love tinyprints and minted, but i love a good deal even more. what i did last year (and this year!) is make my own card on they have crazy good deals. you can start from scratch and design your own OR use a template. right now there is a veteran's day weekend sale, so i bought our cards this weeekend for 50% off which put us at .90 per card! BAM! love that. xx

Rychelly said...

Love the Christmas card! I just started looking at cards yesterday and I am so stoked for whats in store for this season!! I couldnt agree more about the shadiness of our media and all the BS associated. Wrong on so many levels! Happy Weekend!

Taylor Jeavons said...

People in Hollywood MUST take like ten lbs off their weight by standard or something.... Because there is NO way Pam Anderson weighs 105 and that Kim Kardashian weighs 115. Liars.

Makes me feel terrible about myself honestly, hate hollywood, but am obsessed...

Jenn said...

There are definitely lots of deals out about Xmas cards. I'd definitely stalk some of the sites and see what deals they have...or sign up for some emails (that you delete later) so you can find out the deals.

As for Pam Anderson, you also have a lot of muscle, which weighs more. Who cares how much she weighs or you weigh? You both look great! If you lost weight, you'd be bones. I like you not as a skeleton :)

The Pink Growl said...

Pam Anderson does look great! WOW!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Ooooh have FUN, I love New Orleans! I have only been there once (we went for our first wedding anniversary) but I hope to go back!

{Jessica} said...

Have so much fun in New Orleans, sweet girl! I agree with an earlier comment - there is NO way some of these women in Hollywood weigh what they say they weigh. I mean, come ON! Yes, some of them are super thin, but if anyone thinks Pam Anderson at 5'7 really weighs 105, they are wrong! I am 5'7 and skinnier than ever (trying to actually gain a few pounds) and I am 125. If I weighed 105, I would look like a refugee or something. Seriously. Hollywood needs to get it together and stop making regular girls feel huge because we don't lie about our weight!

Also, TOTALLY agree with you on the whole media thing. There is such a bias, it's absolutely sickening. I would love it if we could get back to the days when journalists just did their job - reporting the news - without trying to slant everything in one party's favor. It's just gross.

Happy weekend!

Katie said...

Enjoy your trip!!

Completely agree with the bullying in the NFL. Aren't these men suppose to be role models??

Katie said...

I'm SO jealous that you're in NOLA! Have fun!