January 8, 2013


Yes, you read the title correctly,
I'm STILL recapping my NOLA trip. 

Better late then never right?!

RIGHT?!?!?! Ok, moving on.....

The day had finally arrived, GAME DAY!

We were ready.

We were excited.

It was time to win a Championship!
Morning of GAMEDAY
Sissys and Teamies
We were at the fields bright and early to get warmed up.

The tournament consisted of 4 pool play games
 followed by lunch then elimination games.

Since we had 25ish people travel to the tournamnet, playing time was very limited.

WE HAD 9 GIRLS participating on Saturday......NINE!

Teams MUST have four girls on the field/in the batting order at all times.

More than four girls can be on the field at one time,
 but teams VERY rarely play five girls.
Something to do with genetics or what not [curse you aquascum].

As most teams, the girls were very competitive [but good natured] 
about playing time
and everyone wanted to play as much as possible.

I did not envy the captians and the decisions they had to make
in the least.

We were all told, boys and girls respectivlye, that during pool play
people would be given equal playing time,
but once elims started
the best players would be on the field.

So, girls played two games in pool play.

Yup, just two and the boys probably
had two or three.

I was kind of bummed it never worked
for the three sisters to play on the
field together, but
it was nice knowing we had
a true cheerleader on the sidelines
whenever we were playing.
My two favorite sideline faces 
What up SportySpice?!?!
Bunt it
First at bat
Pool play came and went and despite a few hiccups as a team
we were sitting pretty well over all.

We had JUST lost to one team
and found out we had to play them
first round of elims so we were pretty geeked up.

As many people know, the winning team
usually has a hard time beating a team twice in a row.

We also had our best player back after being out
all but one game in pool play.

Yup, MVP C hurt his Achilles again and looked
to be OUT for the rest of the day.

Y'all this kid has the pain tolerance of a pro athlete.
He plays no matter what, 
so when he sits out because he's hurt
you KNOW something is wrong.

I felt so badly for him, because he looked like
a wounded deer walking. 
He could barely put pressure on his leg
so running was out of the equation.

First he loses his voice in Vegas and now this?!?!

I knew he was pissed, but really didn't
know what I could really do for him.

And then, I remember my stash of pain killers
and basically FORCED them down his throat.

LUCKILY, they worked and he
was feeling better by elims time.

I am 100% convinced we would have been OUT
by the second game of elims without him.

That's my super star man
Now, I don't know if you've picked up on the scale
of my competitiveness,
but y'all it's a BIIIIIIIIGGGGG DEAL!

I had a whole post dedicated to my bruised ego
and my competitiveness
pertaining to kickball,
but felt way to prima-donnaesque
so I never posted it.

Basically, at other tournaments this year
I was NOT one of the top 4 girls
and was NOT picked to play in 
the elimination games. 

I was livid each and every time.

NOT at the captain or because
I felt there was favoritism.

But because I HAD NOT shown
that I WAS the girl that needed to be on field.
I WANTED to be
 the girl that would help the team win.

So, I worked my tail off with C
all year, trying to become better
at reading plays,
making catches
and bunting. 

The entire month of November I worried
and analyzed whether I would
be one of the four to play in elims.

I played in the last game of pool play
but didn't know if that meant anything 
special regarding elims.

Then, the moment I was hoping for happened
and I was named to the elimination team.

And y'all, I played lights out on defense.

I caught everything that came my way
and I was where I needed to be
every play.

I wish my offense had been better,
but I don't know a single girl that
was able to get on base once eliminations started.

Both BabySpice and I were on the elimination team
and we were so lucky
to have this wonderful sissy
as our 'get ready' gal
and number one cheerleader.
I can't WAIT till she isn't a newbie anymore!
BEST middle sissy and cheerer EVER
We rolled through the Sweet 16 
and Elite 8 games. 

Wouldn't you know the team we met in 
the Final Four 
was the team we beat in Vegas. 

They had a major chip on their shoulder
and we knew they REALLY
wanted to knock us out
this time. 

Once again, our whole team played
lights out
and we were able to win
and move on into the finals...

....against the defending champs,
whom we as a team had never beaten.

But, we were ready.

We knew we could do it,
we believed.
So, after 8 games
with the Final being 12 innings
[ 5 of them over time]
we came out.....


That's right, we lost.


After we had C on third with one out
as the go ahead run.

WE couldn't score.

They did and they won.



And it still does,
2 months later.

 There were a few times on our cruise where 
C & I turned to one another and said
"this would be perfect if we had won"
"I can't believe we lost"!

But we did 
and it was a tough pill 
to swallow.

Are there worst things out there?

But, winning the tournament was
one of my goals this year
and it didn't happen. 

As you can imagine, people were pretty upset
but we were happy there wasn't
a SINGLE play that led to the loss.

The team that won
had nothing but praise towards 
our team
and that made it .1% better.

If we weren't in New Orleans
and if my sisters 
hadn't have been on the team
I would have holed up in 
the hotel room,
cried and pouted
and not gone out.

But luckily for me, they were there
and so we all got dressed up
and headed out to the 
after party.

All of us, except C.
His leg was in NO shape 
to stand after all the playing
he did injured. 
He was asleep before we 
left the hotel, poor kid.

I wasn't expecting to have fun
after the loss,
but it's hard to pout for long
when you're lucky enough
to have these pretty faces around.
They don't look alike....NOPE!?!
Fun memories with my two favorites 
 Only a few teammates made it out, 
but we all enjoyed some drinks,
and fun times in NOLA.
I mean, could they be any more beautiful?
I enjoyed the evening 
despite the loss.
We stayed till about midnight
then decided to head 
back to the hotel.

Word to the wise...
not the best idea for three ladies
to walk alone on bourbon street
or around it alone.

We were fine, but there
were some very interesting characters
that caused the MAMA BEAR in 
me to rear her head ;)!

Even though we didn't win,
this year was an amazing year
for me as a kickballer.
I earned my A team position
and was able to share a favorite 
pastime with three of my 
most favorite people in the world.
Having my boyfriend and two sisters
on the field with me was pretty darn special.

No matter what,

We'll get em next year OSC!


Nikki said...

What an awesome recap! I am so happy for you that you were picked to play in the finals! Goes to show you that hard work and dedication pays off! Glad you had a good time. You will kill it next year!

Illegally Blonde said...

seriously cutest sisters ever and love this post... you have so much passion, I love it!

Carolyn R said...

SUCH A GOOD RECAP! Seriously! I felt like I was there! HAHA Someday I want to cheer you on in person!! :) I'm so sad that you didn't win, but your team did amazing, and you killed it! I just know it. :) Love you!

Janna Renee said...

You guys definitely deserved to win, but I'm so proud that you got picked to play! I giggled that you gave C pain pills so that he could play. When Will gets hurt, I beg him not to play. Although, he ends up playing anyways ;)