January 23, 2013

Day 5: Debarkation Day and NOLA

 My last recap post is here. 


Only two months late
and only spanning three months
and two years.


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Holy guacamole, that's a lot of recaps
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If you've made it through them all,
thank you for reading,
I truly applaud you! :)

Now, on to the last day on the boat 
and our last day in New Orleans. 

We were up around 7ish to get dressed,
and clear out our room.
Since we packed up everything the night before,
packing the rest was easy peasy
and we were at the buffet around 8:00am.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, our last morning at the buffet.

Our last morning stuffing our faces :(!

We were able to eat leisurely since our 
debarkation group was number 12 
and they were only at two when we 
arrived at the buffet.

While we were waiting I coerced
C into filming some recap videos.

I wish I could post them,
but I need to respect his privacy.

Once our group was called we debarked 
found our luggage, patiently waiting in a neat pile
and then went to find transportation. 

C and I decided to stay an extra night in NOLA,
because there was a $200 airline difference
to fly out Saturday versus waiting until Sunday.

Our hotel was outside of the French Quarter
and since we didn't want to lug around our luggage
we found a service that would take the luggage to our hotel
and then charter a van to pick us up downtown.

The only thing either of us wanted to do in NOLA 
on Saturday, was tour the WW2 museum.

Many of our teammates toured the museum 
earlier in the week and they said it was amazing. 

We hopped a trolley to the museum 
and promptly walked into the wrong building.

Fate was on my side, because C bought 2 
of my Christmas presents there and I LOVE THEM.

An old fashioned beautiful pink flowery apron
a vintage 1940s style dress
Ignore the socks and the hair please.
I can't wait to wear it on a date with my man.

Once we found the ACTUAL museum,
we began our adventure. 

I wish we could have taken pictures,
because this museum was hands down
one of the best I've ever been too.


Y'all we spent
FOUR HOURS in the museum.

And neither of us were wanting to leave,
while the other wanted to stay.
We walked in tandem almost
the whole time.  

Our countries history is amazing,
and the Greatest Generation
is nothing short of 

We ate lunch in the diner 
and then walked back to 
the trolley station.

The ride on the trolley was just 
what we needed after being on our
feet for so long. 

Our van ended up being in the area
and hour early which was perfect timing. 

We were in a van with two other cruise couples
and it was fun chatting about all
of our cruise experiences. 

One couple did a Royal Caribbean cruise
to Europe and I've decided
THAT IS WHAT I want to save for one day.
The hotel was about 20 minutes away,
right next to the airport
and even though the outside looked sketchy
it was very well run and super clean. 

The concierge was extremely helpful
and guided us to a fabulous 
restaurant establishment a few miles away. 

A free shuttle service was provided,
so C, myself and another couple
rode over to this amazing BBQ place. 

After we ate our fill, we arrived back at the hotel,
repacked our stuff for the airport,
watched some football and passed out.

Our flight was at 6am the next morning
so we had to be up really early. 
The flight was overbooked
and we ALMOST took the later flight,
with vouchers, but we wouldn't
have arrived home until 5pm
and we both wanted to make it hope
with time to actually unpack.
After two seeminly easy flights,
we were back home in DC.

This vacation was one of the most wonderful
experiences of my life.
I was with friends, family and the love of my life.
Cruises are amazing if you do them right.
I can't wait to cruise on a bigger boat,
with more selections,
and a warmer climate :)!
I wanna go back.


Jenn said...

Looks like it was a nice last day. I like that you posted the "oops" video in with your pics haha

Carolyn said...

OMG! I do that video thing ALL THE TIME! HAHAHA Love it. :) So glad that you had such a fun trip!! :)

Ashley said...

OMG this makes me want to go to NOLA so bad!!! And a cruise...I've never been on one. Love that dress you have on - so stinkin pretty you are!

Janna Renee said...

That dress is gorgeous on you! I love vintage stuff and I love YOU!!