January 16, 2013

Day Three: Excursion Cozumel, Mexico

If I had to pick a favorite day on our cruise,
the Cozumel Excursion would be the day.

We were up brights and early for breakfast,
because we had to debark the ship earlier than yesterday.

There was another cruise ship docking about 30 minutes after we docked,
and we were not allowed to be on the slip.
Something about keeping us safe from flying ropes ;)!

Watching the ship dock was really cool.
I find it so amazing how easily cruise ships can dock.

 Since we were part of the first group off the ship,
 we had some extra time to mill around.
We chose to do a zip linking and snorkeling excursion
and I was 12 kinds of excited. C had never been snorkeling before
and I was super excited to share the experience with him.
I had snorkeled in the Caribbean before and loved it.

Wouldn't you know, the wind and waves were not cooperating and the guide told us there was a 75% possibility we wouldn't be able to snorkel.
 Initially I was super upset because that was the part of the activity
 I was really looking forward to.

After being told our options, we chose to 'wait it out and cross our fingers'
the wind would cooperate.
Even though I knew the day would be fun without snorkeling,
I was really hoping everything would work out for us.

The park was a short cab ride from port and it was fun driving
 through downtown Cozumel.
The sun had decided to come out and play
and that was fabulous. It had been kind of grey
throughout the trip, so I welcomed the sun with a big smile!

Once we arrived at the park, we were told the wind had changed
and that unless something crazy happened,
 we would be able to snorkel!

Our guide gave us a quick tutorial on zip linking and rock climbing rules
 and what to expect in the adventure park.
We only had two other couples in the group,
so there was a lot of time to go through all the obstacles.

We were able to repel down a 60 foot wall and zip line
 back and forth from different columns.
I'm a huge fan of rock climbing and zip lining
and this park was so fantastically awesome.
C thoughroughly enjoyed himself too.

 Except for the part where we raced
and I kicked his TUSH climbing a wall.
THANK YOU THANK YOU, I'm a rockstar rock climber!

The guides were so much fun!
 They would egg us on and say
we had to scream/yell when we zip lined [sp?]
or they wouldn't let us come down.
I'm not trying to brag, but I was definitely the favorite of the group.
What can I say, it comes with being a rock star.;)

The adventure park was the morning activity
and after two hours it as time to go snorkeling.
There still was a decent wind, so they changed our entrance from
jumping off a platform to walking into the water via the beach.
 I was lucky enough to jump in before
 they decided to change the entrance point,
so I was able to experience both, woohoo.

One of the couples decided against snorkeling
so we had three guides for the fours of us.
It was awesome having a one-on-one relationship with the guides,
 because they were able to give us extra attention.

I was trying to reach out and touch a fish while snorkeling and
one of the guides released a handful of food near me.
All of a sudden I was surrounded by fish trying to eat the food.
I was able to reach out and pet a bunch of them and 
I felt like I was in a move with all of them so close.

The guide thought my reaction was so funny,
 he put another handful into the water and it became a frenzy.
Thank goodness they weren't piranhas right?!

C was off doing his own thing, diving down trying to touch the bottom.
We had a really fun time pointing out different fish to each other
and seeing who could stay under water longer.

If you ever have a chance to go snorkeling DO IT!
Seeing the world God created under water is breathtakingly magical.
I was amazed by the beauty housed under the sea.
There were so many types of fish and coral everywhere,
just a whole world we never see.

I had a moment of pure joy and reverence while snorkeling,
because it's amazing that God created such a beautiful world for us to enjoy.
I wish I had bought an underwater camera for pictures, but
oh well, next time right?

We had a blast snorkeling, but man was is it tiring.
We were famished once everything was over,
so even though we were told we could snorkel more,
we decided to sit and eat lunch.

While waiting for our food, we realized that C's watch was broken
so I had to ask a table near us for the time.
The two couples were older Americans
and one of them actually lived in Cozumel,
while the other couple was just visiting.
They were super friendly and funny.
I am convinced that one the husband of the one couple was an
ex-ops or military, CIA guy that chose to live outside of
America to be 'off the radar'.
Call me crazy, but he just had that air about him.

Lunch was delicious and I indulged in a few margaritas which were wonderful.
That may have been what led to the photo shoot on the wall ;)!

Once we were stuffed with guacamole, quesadillas
 and fajitas we made our way back to the ship.

Again, we were early, so we grabbed a bench
 in the 21 and over pool section.
Not only was this area KID FREE [yaynoyelling],
it was on the back of the ship,
so made for some gorgeous pictures.

In all honesty though, I'm not sure what is worse
 21 and over drunk adults or screaming yelling children.
We heard some very interesting and STUPID 
conversations from intoxicated people.  

We stayed on the back deck watching the
while reading/sleeping and enjoying more drinks.
Too soon, it was time to get ready for dinner.
Honestly, all we seemed to do on this cruise
was nap, go on excursions and eat.

There was food available 24/7 and man did we take advantage.
C decided to enjoy the frog legs at dinner
and I just looked on in disgust. EW!

The cruise ship put on a fun band night that evening,
so we stayed outside and listened to the band
and watched the drunkies dance. Twas so much fun!

We stayed up pretty late since we had a day at sea the next day.

Cozumel is gorgeous and I would highly suggest
 visiting the park if you are in the area!
And, if you ever do a cruise,
you won't regret it!

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Nikki said...

I love zip lining. It's so much fun! Looks like you guys had a great time! So glad you were able to snorkel.

Jenn said...

Sounds like an awesome time--and the pics continue to be gorgeous!

Jamie said...

Ugh. It sounds amazing. I'm so jealous.

Carolyn said...

OMG. All your pics are so pretty! And the music. Totally mamboed at my desk. ;)

I've never been on a cruise, and never really had any desire too... but after these recaps - I WANT TO!

Holly said...

Snorkeling is one of the most amazing things I've ever done in my life. So glad you got to experience it!

Amy Powell said...

oh that all sounds amazing! I've never been to Cozumel... but you make it sound awesome ;)

xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

{PS - I'm giving away a fitness journal. Would love to have you win!}