January 7, 2013

NYE and Weekend recap

I'm recapping New Years and my weekend in one post. 

A bunch of kickball friends had rented out a bar in DC for the evening.

So the sissys, Le Beau and a few other friends got dressed up
and headed into the DC for a fun evening. 

Yes, you are seeing me wear the SAME dress I wore for Christmas.

But, I loved the way it looked and knew few people
would be wearing red on NYE!
Sissys pregaming in a DC hotel
The bar was full of a bunch of our kickball friends and it was a blast. 

I indulged in a lot of fun drinks and had almost too much fun, almost!
Great example of the evening
My third New Years with C couldn't have been better. 
NYE kiss for the WIN!
The only glitch in the evening was securing a cab at the end of the night
which turned into a major ordeal. 

Thankfully, God was looking out and sent us 
the kindest most understanding cab driving in the world. 
We were all mega tired the next day, 
but the partying was worth it :)!


Moving on to this weekend now.

One of my cousins had a wedding down in SC this weekend and so 
the whole Brady Bunch jumped into the mini van and drove down on Friday. 

We had to make a quick stop at the Replacements store 
so I could pick out my china pattern.

Hahaha, just kidding. 

Mama B had to replace some of her broken china so the sisters
walked around and played silly kid games. 

A few hours later we were in Grenville and ready to rock.

We were invited to drinks after the rehearsal dinner
which was a lot of fun. 
Me with the parentals
Me and BabySpice
We were able to see family we normally don't see very often
which was so wonderful
MOB, BabySpice, Cousin, Mama B, Cousin, Me, Aunt, SportySpice
SportySpice, Beautiful Bride, BabySpice, and Me
The drinks were flowing pretty heavy, but we didn't 
party too hard thankfully. 

Saturday morning came way too early because we 
participated in the Bridal brunch. 

The food was delicious and the concept was pretty cool.
We were able to visit with family and the bride,
who was coooool as a cucumber I might add. 

After brunch the family walked around downtown, 
visited our great aunt who was in the hospital
[She is doing well, but please send up some prayers if possible]
and watched some football, napped
and then began getting ready for the wedding.

Y'all the church was PACKED!

I'm not kidding.

The balcony was FULL!

Luckily, we were family and had front row seats to the action.

The bride wore her mother's dress, which also was my
mother's dress too. How cool is that?
 Once the beautiful ceremony was over, we headed over to the reception.

The club was beautiful and the food was delicious. 

We had a great time celebrating a fabulous couple.
Me and Daddy
[like my dress, the lovely JennJenn let me borrow it,
thanks girlie!]
First Dance
Grand-daughters with our grandfather [left]
and his good friend.
 We all were able to dance a song or two with our 83 year old grandfather.
He's got moves I tell you!

Funny story about my family, we like to use the SAME name. 

Below are the four ladies that share the same name in our family. 

My mother and the MOB are first cousins and
 named their daughters after themselves. 
MOB, Bride, SportySpice and Mama B
Fun family shot with Mama B and her dad 
Brady Bunch Family picture
Sissy picture, of COURSE!
The wedding was so much fun,
we danced our feet off. 

There was a fun moment when the band was taking a break.
The DJ played "The Wobble"
and wouldn't you know, the three Brady ladies
were leading the dance group on the floor.

Check out the video ;)

We sent off the couple in style,
but they moved so fast we only could get
a back shot. 
"What are they Kenyan?!"
Sunday morning was a lil rough and the drive back to DC was
just a bit too long. 

However, the tiredness and drive was totally worth it. 

We had a wonderful time with family,
and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Illegally Blonde said...

Looks like a blast and your sister and you are so darn cute!

Nikki said...

1. Sounds like a couple of fun weekends!

2. Love your dresses!

3. You and your sisters all look so much alike!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love all the wedding pics, big family resemblance!

Carolyn R said...

So cute! I love the NYE kiss pic! So dang cute.

And I LOVE all the family wedding pics. I absolutely adore how close you and your family are! So sweet!

Holly said...

That's awesome that you got to go to your own private NYE party out! Sounds like you had a blast!

And I love that blue dress you wore to the wedding. It's gorg!

Janna Renee said...

Haha y'all would be leading "The Wobble". It was a gorgeous wedding and your family was presh! xoxo

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Fun NYE! And what a beautiful wedding! That's so cool that she wore your mom's dress.

Thanks for linking up for Weekend Update :)