January 28, 2013

Baby Step Weekend Recap

Wow what an amazing and whirlwind weekend.
Le Beau and I headed out of town to Nashville this weekend. 
We were visiting his best friend, his wife and their baby. 
The boys played college and pro baseball together back in the day.

I've only met the couple once, at their wedding, and they were super fun then 
so I was excited to get to know them better. 
Their lil five month old is one of the cutest kids on the block, 
I loved him immediately.

We left on Friday morning and arrived in Nashville in the early afternoon.
 Our flights were pretty easy, with very few delays. 

That evening, after a delicious meal of of homemade ribs and mac&cheese, 
the four of us went out into downtown Nashville and had a blast.

 Funny moments of the night: we stole a hockey sign
 from one bar and the wife told me 
"I'm so glad you talk a lot, I thought you were 
very shy after we met at the wedding"! 
Me quiet, what?!?!

Saturday morning was a lazy day of baby cuddles, cooking and tv. 

That afternoon we walked around their indoor outlet mall and then ate a late lunch at Opryland. 

I scored some major looks from BCBG! 
Check out this amazing $440 hot pink jacket I snatched for $89! Holla!

After a fun afternoon, the ladies had to get all gussied up
 for a birthday dinner downtown. I was excited because we were 
going to a fun sushi place, but majorly bummed because 
I didn't pack anything trendy to wear.

 This bday was not on the agenda and all I packed were comfy clothes, 
nothing fashionable for a trendy dinner or club/bar after. 
What I would have given for one of my fun dresses or new tunics, WAH!

Luckily, the wife is super kind and lent me one of her shirts
which helped jazz up my pink skinny jeans. 

Dinner was super delicious and a lot of fun, but man, 
did I feel out of my league. 
The girls were super welcoming of me, and very very kind 
but they were glamerzons
All of the girls were beautiful and dressed up for the party, 
and there I was in pink jeans. 
But, since they were are super kind, I was able to forget 
about my outfit soon into the dinner. 

Once we had our fill of food and wine, we headed over
 to this downtown club called Citizen. 
Apparently, it's a very high end bar where members have to pay dues. 
You either have to be a member, friend of a member or 
know someone on the inside to get in and hang out. 

There EVEN is a no picture rule at the bar. 
I've partied at some pretty exclusive clubs in DC and 
have never heard of a no picture rule.
 Apparently, Nashville royalty aka Toby Keith 
and other country singers will frequent Citizen because 
they don't have to worry about people bothering them. 

Sadly, the only famous person we saw 
was an old Alabama quarterback McElroy, 
but that was still cool.
 Since we were out late the night before, 
the two of us decided around midnight to leave. 
On the drive home, we bonded and
 it was really neat to get to know her better.

All of a sudden, it was Sunday and we were leaving. 

WHAT!?!?!? SO not fair, we did NOT want to leave. 

Before we left for the airport, we drove around different areas,
looking at houses for sale.

Yep, this vacation wasn't JUST a vacation,
but could be a 
VERY VERY baby step for the future. 
Who knows right!?!?!

Our first flight from Nashville to ATL was only 
35 minutes, but y'all 
it was one of THE most anxious flights
of my life. 

Ever since high school, I've been a nervous flier.

I hate not being in control and the thought
of something horrible happening while I'm in the air
stays with me the entire flight.

Any change in engine noise or any turbulence
sends me into an eyes closed, praying frozen state. 

Usually, when I fly with C, he lets me grab his hand at takeoff
or any time I get nervous with turbulence. 

Well, we were seated seperately this flight
and I was all the way in the back,
near the back engines.


Every few minutes the engines were changing noise levels
and I started to get more and more anxious.

I probably spent the entire flight with my eyes closed.

All I wanted to do was get on the ground
and off the plane.

When we finally landed it took us forever to depart
and I counted to 100 slowly three times,
just to keep my heart rate down. 

C immedialty asked me what was wrong when we 
started walking to the next gate,
and I really couldn't tell him. 

I've never felt that anxious before in my life. 

I honestly thought I was going to have a panic attack

Once we arrived  at our next gate,
I folded into a little ball
and just tried to breathe.

C bought me a Sprite and sat next to me,
rubbing my back trying to help me out. 
Such a sweet guy.

After about ten minutes, I started to feel normal,
which was good because we were starting to 
board our next flight.

The second flight was much smoother,
and I had no issues. 
I think C is my safety blanket, haha.

We were home around 9:30pm and I 
unpacked quickly and passed out in bed 
before 10:30pm.

Today, I'm mourning the weekend being over
but I'm excited for the future. 

Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!



Holly said...

What a fun getaway weekend! Sounds like you had a very glamorous visit. And a potential move to Nashville?! So exciting!!

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

Nashville sounds like so much fun!

Carolyn said...

So glad you had fun, and I can't imagine going to a bar like that! How cool! :) Hope you and C had fun on your "baby step"! :) And don't you worry... I hate flying too! I got separated from Jake on our flight back from Tahoe, and got put next to this guy who ANSWERED HIS CELL PHONE during takeoff. I almost cried. So not ok. :(

SHAYNA said...

A potential move!? That is SO exciting!!!

Illegally Blonde said...

I knew you would love it!!! And lord we need to get you over your flying fear....

Jenn said...

Suuuuuper fun trip! Glad you survived the flight! :)
Gotta love a good bargain!

Caitlin C. said...

That hot pink jacket is GORGEOUS, oh my goodness! Totally jealous :)

Nikki said...

Glad you had a good time. Sorry you have such anxiety flying. I can't even imagine that.

Life in the Heights! said...

Sounds like a great weekend and I Love that jacket!!!

Annye said...

I visited Nashville for the first time last fall and LOVED it! Definitely a fun town that I wouldn't mind calling home. How exciting that you might get that chance!!

Sunni Dae said...

I'm glad you loved Nashville :) Nash Vegas is literally 30 minutes from my house so we visit frequently. If your a fan of country music you should try to make it back for the CMA festivial- total epic experience!

Come check me out at Its A Sunni Dae

My-cliffnotes said...

That jacket is amazing, glad you made it home safely too!