January 9, 2013

Cruuuuusin' Night One

After an amazing time in New Orleans,
with some minor heartbreak
the day arrived for


Can you tell I was excited?

Monday morning was spent recovering from Sunday night
and packing up the room.

Babyspice and Sportyspice were flying out late in the evening
so we all went to Cafe Du Monde for breakfast
and then walked around a little bit
before C and I had to head to port.

The ship left port at 4pm
but we were instructed to
try and be on board at least
2 hours before we shipped out.

Word to the wise:
It will make everything much easier.

We didn't and everything was fine,
but it was a bit more of a hassle.

We checked in, were given our 'key card' [important],
took preboarding pictures, were searched,
then VOILA, we were on the ship!

We had a few hours to explore the ship
and figure out the layout.
Whilst exploring we came across
the SPA!

Since C put everything together for the cruise,
I told him I would buy him a spa package
as a thank you.

He loved the idea and wouldn't you know,
they had an opening for a couple's massage
later that day.


We went back to our room, unpacked
the suitcases that magically appeared
then headed back to the SPA.

WOW, a massage after an intense
day of kickball,
was just what the doctor ordered.

After we were all noodley we changed
and then headed to dinner.

We chose the late seating,
and had the whole table to ourselves
the first night.

Our staff was wonderful and super fun.
The food was awesome, I had the lasagna,

Once dinner was over, we grabbed a drink
and chilled out, listening to the piano player.

We thought of going to one of the clubs,
or the piano bar, but honestly,
we were both so exhausted.

Early bedtime FTW!

All in all, an awesome start to our 
cruise vacation.


Since blogger was being STUPID about uploading pictures
I decided to try something new.

Please enjoy my SLIDESHOW of pictures.

This was my FIRST attempt at created a slideshow
so it's very simple
and small.

I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: You might need to pause it to let it load all the way.

A few points:
-Yes I take pictures of food, it was pretty wonderful!
-Yes, I take pictures in mirrors because I was too scared to ask someone to do it for us. LAME sauce I know, but I wanted documentation of all the outfits, haha.
-This slideshow is room picture heavy, sorry.


Jenn said...

Wow, that room looks pretty big for a cruise ship room. Sounds like a good start to the trip--esp with the massage. Mmmm, I love being noodley! :)

Holly said...

Soo exciting! I loved the slideshow, beautiful pictures. And I totally take pictures of food too haha. I think it embarrasses Jason but you have to love being able to look back and remember just how good a meal was!!

Jamie said...

So jealous! Fun!!

Janna Renee said...

I would kill for Cafe Du Monde! So yum, and I don't care if people label it a tourist trap. Your room was huge AND you got a window...baller! Love you! xoxox