January 4, 2013

Christmas Fun Recap


But really, who doesn't?!?!

Yes we are in January and yes I'm recapping Christmas.

As you know, my Christmas celebration was a lil sad the next day.

But, I still want to have documentation of my family Christmas.

Because y'all, it was a great one.

A truly truly wonderfully amazing one.

I had to work on Christmas Eve but luckily my boss was awesome
and let us out early.

I skedaddled home for our new tradition of
Christmas Eve Pizza
[thanks to C's family for the idea]
before heading to Christmas Eve service.

The night before Christmas is one of my
all time favorite services.

I love seeing all of the congregation dressed up,
the church all decorated
and the happy faces throughout the church.

My favorite part is sing Silent Night at the end of service
with candles lit and lights off.

So peaceful and so beautiful,
I can just imagine a tiny baby
in a lil manger,
born to save our world.
Thank you gracious Savior.

After service, the family gathered for
the traditional Christmas Eve photo shoot
and we had some gems this year of course.

Below are my two favorites!
Happy Family of Five
3 Crazy Sisters!
Once pictures were done, we popped in a Muppet Christmas Carol
while prepping food for the next day. 
If you haven't seen AMCC, do yourself a favor
and check it out, amazing.

SportySpice and I are part of our church's Communion committee,
and since we are the only people in the group without kids
we volunteered to clean up the Communion stations 
after the midnight service. 

Clean up this year was a breeze and we were 
in and out within 15 minutes
and home and sleeping within 30. 

Christmas morning we were up around 9am 
and dug into the stockings while breakfast warmed
in the ovens. 

Once we ate, it was time for the tree. 

My dad was funny this year and set up his 
Ipad to video everything,

Man, Santa and family spoiled the heck out of me this year. 

I loved everything I received,
and the sentiments behind every gift.

I'm a lucky lucky girl :)!

Once all the presents were done, 
the wine was opened,
thank you notes started
and the ROAST was prepared. 

I wasn't in blogger mode at all
Christmas day,
but you know what, 
I'm good with that. 

I have so many mental pictures in my mind
of a truly wonderfully fabulous day 
with my family.

Dinner was amazing as usual,
I love Christmas dinner so much more
than Thanksgiving. 

There was no rush on Christmas and 
for that I was so thankful. 

The Brady Bunch enjoyed a wonderful day
of fun, love, happiness and joy. 

 We were graced with some pretty snow the day after Christmas.

The snow added something special to Mama B's birthday
and provided something to smile about too.

As you read previously, our happy Christmas season
took a turn for some sadness,
but we were able to rally for Mama B's special day.

We saw Les Miserables as a family
and while there were some awesome performances
I am NOT on the AMAZEFEST train for this movie.
Guess I'm not theatre geekette huh?
[Sportyspice and I may have played rock paper scissors
during one of the slow songs....it's a gift I tell ya].

Dinner after the movie was a great time
and super delicious.
I think I gained 23043048 pounds over 
the Christmas holiday. 

I know you've read it 230483084 times already
but I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas.

God is so good and I am so blessed.

How was your celebration?


Jamie said...

Love that red dress! So pretty on you.

Carolyn R said...

Love the family pics! :) So cute!! So glad that you had a good Christmas, even with the sad part!

Carly Ann said...

Christmas Even service is my all time favorite service too!!!

Georgina Castellucci said...

You look great girl! Glad you had such a wonderful holiday season :)

Ashley said...

i love the idea of christmas eve pizza!! i may be instituting this into years to come! :)

and wowza!!! little miss pinky is looking like quite the lady in red!! love it!

Bitzy said...

Um, nice reindeer pictures. That photographer must be super talented... oh wait, that was ME!

Janna Renee said...

I feel like I'm going to be recapping Christmas through the summer! I need to suck it up and just get it done. Looks like y'all had a fab Christmas :)