January 11, 2013

Confession Fridays in Da HOUSE!

Confession Fridays are back....woooooohoooooo!
Let's get our confessions on mmmkkkkaaaaay?!?!


1] Sometimes I wish I wasn't so health conscious with my food. I know my body thanks me for choosing to eat VERY few processed foods and for buying organic when possible, however sometimes it's just too much work. I miss the guilt-free and ignorant days when bubble pizza, Doritos&Oreos, or Toaster Strudels were acceptable dinner options.

2] I haven't had a morning workout since before Christmas. I've done a few at home workouts with my new TurboFire program but have been really lazy waking up in the mornings. I need to get back into morning workout action ASAP!

3] My name is Pinky and I'm a "song on repeat-aholic"! Every time I find a fun song I play it over and over and over again. Sucks to be the person in the car with me ;)!

4] Am I the ONLY one who doesn't understand the bean bag crazy all over Pinterest?!!? I keep seeing 23493024802384 different versions of bean bag chairs from multiple people and I just don't get it? Why are these back in style all of a sudden?

5] My girl crush on Kaley Cuoco has been reignited by my new love of the Big Bang Theory. I've watched some of her interviews on Youtube and I've decided she needs to become my new best friend.

6] Speaking of best friends, T, one of my college best buds is coming to visit this weekend. And my, how the times have changed. When T used to come into town we'd plan a crazy going out night, filled with drinks, dancing and super high heels. Now, we're going to dinner and then either having a few drinks at a sit down bar or back at my place. This almost thirty thing is such a downer ;)!

7] The friendships I've created from blogging just baffle me sometimes. But, in a good way. Its amazing how a "SUCK IT UP" tweet from a Texas lawyer/ex-pageant queen or a #spicy comment from a pink and puppy loving Minnie lady can  make my day. Seriously, the friendships my teeny lil blog has brought me are so fantastic.

8] I'm still recapping my trip from November. #worldsworstrecapbloggerever!

Happy Friday loves!


Jenn said...

I LOVE Kaley Cuoco...and I also love the Big Bang Theory. One of my faves for sure!
Yay for best friends visiting, and still having a good time, despite that nasty number 30! :)

Holly said...

The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows! Kaley Cuoco is such a great actress in it.

I'm also totally guilty of your #3 haha.

Have a good weekend :)

Carolyn R said...

Aww! :) Happy Friday friend! #spicy #mambo #pinksparklecrayonboxfriends

Erin said...

Uhh I'm the opposite water as you. Ill hand over my veal in exchange for your health.

And beam bags? Where? I haven't seen any in years

Ashley said...

LOVE the Big Bang Theory!!! I don't get the bean bag thing either, it's not just you :)
Have a great weekend!

Nikki said...

I wish I could workout in the mornings! I hate having to be at work at 6am! Blah

Janna Renee said...

I want to eat like a bum too! I enjoy eating healthy and it is pretty easy in spite of what we tell ourselves, but when they boys are munching on pizza and summer sausage I wanna join in! Good news is that I told Will that we are totally getting Old Chicago's this weekend ;)

Ashley said...

tooooottally miss those guilt free days! i use to eat pizza hut pizzas dipped in ranch like every other night for dinner in college! i didnt gain the freshman 15 but geez...that still can't be good for you!