January 31, 2013

Makeup Brush Cleanup

Who out there loves makeup?!!?

"OOH OOH pick me, pick me!" [can you name the movie]?

I've always loved makeup!
I find it fun to mix up 
eye shadows and liners to achieve new looks
all the time. 

My love of makeup has REALLY grown the past year,
due to ALL of you wonderful blog ladies. 

Seriously, I've learned about more products than I even
knew existed, and while my wallet isn't too happy,
my face and my self esteem is very happy. 

However, all of my makeup loving does come 
with some new responsibility.

GONE are the days of using my fingers as brushes
and since I constantly want to change my look,
my brushes tend to get dirty faster. 

I've always known the importance of brush maintenance,
but never really had a regiment for cleaning them. 

I did know I was not going to shell out 
bookoo bucks for some 'makeup brush cleaner' scam.
[not hating if you use a special cleaner, I just won't]

About six months back, I came across a post on the Bargain Blonde
specifically about makeup brush cleaning.
And I've never looked back
when it comes to makeup brush maintenance.

Cleaning this way is super easy and takes very little time.

I don't clean my brushes every week as recommended, 
but I do carve out time to clean them every other week.

You, my lovely friends, should be doing the same. 

And now, you don't have an
excuse anymore. 

Here are MY tips for cleaning your makeup brushes,
please enjoy.

Make Up Brush CLEAN UP Directions
Baby Shampoo; sink; make up brushes; dry towel.

Four easy steps

1] Wet your brush[s] under the faucet, using warm water.

2] Squeeze a quarter to 50 cent piece amount of baby shampoo into your hand.

3] Take your make up brushes one at a time and gently swirl them around to make suds. I tend to do 3-5 brushes at a time before I need to re-supply my baby shampoo. Once they are 'sudsy' lay them back down on the sink. [remember, keep the brush facing down]!

4]One at a time, take a brush and run under warm water then 'swirl' the brush in the palm of you hand, using the same motion you used to suds. You should notice the suds turning different color. Once the suds start changing color, put the brush under warm water and rinse until the water runs clear. Sometimes you need to re-swirl them once or twice and rinse again. 
 [I also choose to suds all my brushes in one round and then go back and rinse them one by one. If you choose to do the process all the way through with each brush one at a time, that works just fine too.]

5] Lay each brush flat on a towel or wash cloth to dry. I like to find a sunny place to lay them down.

6] Pat yourself on the back for being a clean makeup girl. 

 Does that make sense? Need some more tips?

Well, good thing I also made a VLOG on this topic huh?

Let me know if you have any questions!


Jenn said...

I have been meaning to clean my brushes...I really need to. I also saw this tutorial on Bargain Blonde and love the cheap and easy solution! And so does my wallet :)

Nikki said...

I was just thinking the other day I NEED to clean my brushes! I really need to get on that!

Erin said...

I suck at doing this. I've cleaned makeup brushes once in my entire life. I'm disgusting.

Carolyn said...

Ugh. I so need to get on this. HAHA

Ashley said...

since you do this so well...can i just send my brushes your way. i HATEEEE cleaning them. but this is such a good tutorial :)