February 1, 2013

Fearless Fashion Fridays

This Friday I'm trying something new and linking up with
 the uber fabulous Kelly of Messy.Dirty.Hair for:

Kelly is my girl, I just love her and her fun fashion projects. 

Have you checked out the Messy Project yet?!?!? DO IT, so fab.

Anyhoodle, today I'm sharing one of my Fashion fears/crushes.


I've always admired the girls that wear it, because they look tre chic

However, I've always been too scared to wear it,
in fear of looking
like this
Source: extratv.com via ExtraTV on Pinterest

instead of this!

I've never tried on leopard print ANYTHING and probably 
never would have if I hadn't been gifted
an amazing leopard print piece. 

My fabulous fabulous wonderful secret Santa
sent me a gorgeous leopard print infinity scarf
The DAY I received it. LOVE LOVELOVE!
This leopard print scarf has now become my GO to item.

I wear it with anything and everything.

Dressed up for work.

Dressed down and traveling.

Hanging with some creeper kids ;).

Sportin stunna shades with the Gpa.

Not only is this scarf fashionable
it is incredibly soft and warm.
WIN WIN I'd say.
I'm so glad I'm over my fear of leopard print. 
I won't be buying many more pieces, 
just because I don't wanna look 
like a jungle cat. ;)

However, I'm thinking I'll invest in a nice 
pair of flats or heels and maybe 
a skirt or shirt.
What do you think ladies,
is leopard your go to or your fear?!

Today is my daddy's bday!!!!



Jenn said...

Im with you on the leopard trend--I was scared. And then I bought a pair of flats with the print and I LOVE them. So cute!
Looooove the scarf! :)

Illegally Blonde said...

Great way to try a trend and not overinvest! And you scared of leopard? I would not have guessed!

Carolyn said...

that scarf is SO CUTE! Love it! :) And I am the same way with leopard. I want to get into it, but I get nervous! I think small touches are the way to go! :)

Holly said...

I love me some leopard! I seriously want your scarf haha.

Happy Birthday to your daddy and a happy weekend to you :)

Kristine Foley said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Love the pic of u and ure Gpa!! Sweet. I agree and love ure scarf. Those shoes would b so fun!