February 15, 2013

Fierce Fashion and Confessions

Another Friday so another link up with Kelly for

This week I'm taking on:

To be honest, when the whole 'print mixing' fad started,
I thought it was pretty fugly.

I'm all about clean lines
and mixing prints just didn't do it for me.

However, when I realized this fad WASN'T going away,
I decided to give it a whirl, just for kicks.

My first attempt at mixing prints.
Pink striped blazer paired with spotted black/white skirt.
Yes? No? SAY WHAT!?!?

I haven't mixed any patterns since the summer,
so I thought I'd try it again for this link up.

My mixed print outfit on Wednesday.

Granted, they were both stripes, just different types.

I normally wouldn't have paired these prints together,
because they weren't aligned,
but I stepped slightly out of my comfort zone
and tried it anyway.

So, what do you think?
Yes, no?
Any mixing print tips?


I'm also linking up with Leslie for Confession Fridays!

1] I've wore my hair in my pony tail 3 times this week, because I haven't washed my  hair. Ehh, what are you going to do? I prefer the extra 20 minutes of sleep to looking cute ;)

2]  C and I have yet to make it up for a morning workout this week. What, we've both been really tired and I guessing really needed the sleep.

3] I recently started watching Army Wives from the beginning and I'm ashamed to say I like the show. I know it's soooo off base portraying military life, but the characters are kind of fun.

4]The #SOTU wasn't even on my radar this year. #boopolitics.

5] I bought two pairs of shoes yesterday that I didn't need, just because they were pink. #budgetwhatbudget.



Jenn said...

I think the stripes went together!

I like the tag #budgetwhatbudget....and I can totally relate to that, altho lately I've been a bit better (mainly cuz of a shocking CC statement haha)

Holly said...

I like the stripes together! I always doubt myself when I mix patterns but I'll have to try it more often. And a double yay for two new pairs of pink shoes :)

Illegally Blonde said...

I was so in love with Army Wives!! Was just nice to see women being nice to each other on TV for once.

Georgina Castellucci said...

But shoes are a necessity! Haha have a great weekend girl xo

Anonymous said...

I love mixing prints! I am with you though, when I first saw it I was not quite sure about it!

It is definitely something I need to try!

Thank you so much for linking up for Fearless Fashion Fridays!

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

mixing prints is so hard but I think you did such a good job!!!! love the last outfit!! thank you so much for linking up!!!!! i hope you'll participate when Janna co-hosts!!!! and as far as your confessions go...#1...love itttt haha #embracethemess

happy friday lover!!!!


Janna Renee said...

I have never really watched Army Wives. Everyone told me not to so vehemently that I couldn't. haha

As for mixing prints...my brain just doesn't work that way. It looks cute on other people, but my brain won't put them together. Maybe I should try...

Ashley said...

look at you jumping full force into the trend!! very impressed. you look smokin!