February 8, 2013

Monthly Goals February

 So these are a little late,
but it's still the 'first week of feb'
so technically these are still relevant?


Well, it's my blog so I say RIGHT!

My girl C-LO, who happens to be a bestie
and totally awesome lady,
began a monthly goal list last year.

I loved watching her lists change
and grow and thought this year
I'd try the same thing. 

So thanks C-LO!
Here are my goals for 

1] Try three new recipes. Since C and I eat mostly primal style, most recipes I find on blogs or Pinterest are no-nos. I want to try to 'primal' up recipes or find new primal recipes to add to our repertoire.

2] Attend at least one Zumba class a week. I recently rekindled my love of Zumba and really want to bring it into my workout rotation. I've been on point working out and changing up my lifting, but I need a boost in cardio. Check out my 'miles' from the class I went to on Tuesday night.

3] Spend at least five minutes every night/day stretching. I'm sure this will be a fail, but I really want to try and make stretching a part of my routine.

4] Make a list and NOT OVER PACK for SFKO. This one is gonna be hard!!

5] Finish a new book. I've been way slow on reading recently, I need to find a new book to reinvigorate my love of reading. TV needs to turn off, Kindle or book needs to turn on.


Crossing my fingers most of these will be in GREEN by the end of the month.

Do you have any monthly goals?


Nikki said...

I am dreading packing for my trip. Thankfully I'll be by my fathers for 5 days before my 5 night cruise so I will be able to wash clothes. Here's to hoping neither of us over pack. I highly doubt I will succeed on this though. Also what a you reading? I'm sure toy in the middle of book 2 of the crossfire series. It's good!

Illegally Blonde said...

Goal this month: let go of one thing that has been holding me back and drink less coffee...

Georgina Castellucci said...

These are great aspirations! I may be SUPER behind but what is that pink band, Nike+?

Have a great weekend xo

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

LOVE me some Zumba!! But why don't I ever look as good as the instructor?! DAMN HER!!!

Carolyn said...

This is such a good list! :) And I have a dumb girl question... what is the difference between Paleo and Primal? I feel like you should do a post on what Primal is!! :)

SHAYNA said...

Sounds like great goals!!!

LaynahRose said...

Why is stretching so hard? I mean, it's not really, but everytime I try to make it part of my routine it fails miserably every time...

Janna Renee said...

I still haven't tried Zumba, but I hope to go at least once this month! I have been good about going to the gym, though. Will actually called me a "gym rat" the other day. Woohoo

Jenn said...

Read Gone Girl...you'll get sucked in!