February 6, 2013

What's Companies Got to Do W/LOVE?

February, the month of LOVE

The month of cookies!


Of flowers!
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 The month of overly commercialized poppycock.

Now, I'm not a Valentine's day hater

My parents always made sure I had a lovely 
Valentine's day every year, up through college. 

I've had the amazing boyfriend Valentine's day celebrations
and the super fun single ladies party nights.

I'm sure I've even celebrated Valentine's day by myself.

But, ever since high school I've felt
Valentine's day is SUCH a fools holiday.

Why do we let companies tell us WHEN 
to love our loved ones?!?!

Why is it important to receive a gift
a flower
a poem
a ring [!?!?]
a card
on this ONE special day?

Why do we HAVE to go out to dinner
all fancy schmancy?!?!

Why do we let one day define our love
the rest of the year?

Why are red roses so important on the 14th?

 Don't get me wrong,


I love flowers and romance
and lace and chocolates
and hearts and stars
and love letters and poems
and gift giving and receiving.

I'm a hopeless romantic and I've always 
known I'd find my
knight in shining armor. 

But, I don't NEEEEEEEED to be shown love on February 14th
because that's the day it's everywhere. 

I'd much rather have random "I love you" flowers
on a cold March Thursday.

Personally, I think people should

Now, Miss Pinky can't truly dislike a holiday 
That would just be CAHRAZY!

I love the pretty pinks everywhere, and the reds too. 

Stores do look lovely this time of year. 

And I find children's Valentine's day cards
so fun and precious. 

But, I feel bad for the dudes of the world,
that get scammed into buying 
EXTREMELY expensive gifts
and flowers
[that usually are much cheaper]
 or seksi underoos
because they are told they should.

I also feel bad for the poor schmuck
that 'forgets' to get something
and then gets reamed out. 

I wish we women could relax
and not make Valentine's day 
such a big deal. 

If we expressed our disinterest
then there would be no demand
and the emphasis would lessen. 

Love is LOVE
everyday of the year.

about it.

So bloggers, will you be my Valentine ALL YEAR!?!?
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Holly said...

I love love so obviously I love Valentine's Day but the idea of the day can be overrated. It's fun to celebrate and spend February 14 with your loved one, no doubt, but it's the small things in life, like that hug & kiss I wait for every day after work when hubby walks through the door... that's love and it happens every day not just on Valentine's Day!

Carolyn said...

I love this! And totally agree! While I LOVE the idea of Valentine's day, it annoys me how expensive it's gotten. Like you said - I'd much rather get flowers randomly. That being said, I will be getting Jake the mushiest card I can find! HAHAHA

Jenn said...

I'm with you. Love shouldn't be shared just one day of the year, it should be every day. And love doesn't mean expensive things (it shouldn't, anyway), it's about thoughtful and meaningful things to show someone how much you care. That can't be measured in dollar signs, and shouldn't.
But, I do love me some love celebrating too :)

Illegally Blonde said...

Love it and you!

Alisha said...

I agree completely! Such a waste of money, when "I love you" should be said every day!

Nikki said...

I so agree with this! This is EXACTLY why Lobster and I choose to stay in open valentines day and make dinner at home together not that we don't do this often anyway because we do. It's something we really enjoy doing. I told him I do not expect flowers or anything crazy I just expect to spend the evening with him.

Janna Renee said...

We say "I love you" every five minutes, so I totally agree. We aren't even doing presents for Valentine's Day. We will snuggle up and enjoy each other's company, but that's no different than any other day.