February 5, 2013

2012 Resolutions Check List

Yes, today, February 5th, I'm recapping
2012's resolutions.

Shocking right ;)!

I know this isn't timely,
but I wanted to hold myself accountable here
so today, you get to read about 2012.

My GOALS FOR 2012 were semi-ambitious, 
and even though I dropped the ball a lot, I still want to grade myself.

As you might recall, last year I graded myself on my 2011 goals.  
That was pretty rough, because I did NOT uphold many resolutions. 
I'm pretty sure this year was just as bad. DRAT!


1) Be a better disciple and follower of Christ. C+
I was better than last year, but still no where NEAR where I wanted to be with Christ. I've started going to a different church with C once a month and even though it's contemporary I enjoy the sermons. I participated in a few devotionals with my iPhone app, but I often forgot to read them and then played catch up. I'm not sure WHAT is going to get my butt in gear, but I do know I need to be more Christ centered.

2) Return to my more active lifestyle and get in the healthiest shape I can. C+/B
C and I kicked BUTT at the beginning of the year. We were waking up in the mornings and working out, while eating extremely healthy. He went strict Paleo/primal and my first time trying it was NO BUENO. I had to change my take on food by March because I was so miserable with my diet. I did a pretty good job managing my portions though. I continued to suffer from shin splints, which hindered my ability to run, but I began incorporating HIIT workouts which were awesome. I was in great shape for my kickball tourneys, but my cardio tolerance was way lower than I hoped for when we ran our mud run. I want to run the Tough Mudder after my 30th [eeek] so that is my goal this year. I could have worked harder in the gym and not made as many excuses last year, but I was finally able to shed the 3-5 pounds that annoyed me around August. 

3) Eat better......MORE WHOLE foods less processed. B/B+
I think this was my BEST resolution for 2012. I significantly eliminated processed foods from my diet. I stopped eating processed carbs and concentrated on eating whole foods nine time out of ten. After dabbling back and forth, I've adopted a Primal take on food 80/20. As mentioned before, processed breads, cheeses, pastas, rice, boxed foods, easy foods, and packaged foods were pretty much thrown out. There were still up and down days, and days where I ate three bowls of Lucky Charms for dinner. However, my pantry and fridge look much healthier now and I'm very proud of my impact on the earth. I'm eating more foods from the farmers market in order to eat lesser processed foods. 

4)Drink More Water, Take my Vitamins. B
I am still doing great with drinking water, but not as great with my vitamins. I stopped taken them around April I think. I'm really happy with my yearly water intake though. Some days were better than others, but for the most part I succeeded in drinking more water. 

5) Stretch Daily: A until March then F
I was really really good at stretching everyday the first few months of the year. I was doing yoga daily, just easy vinyasas or sometimes deep stretching sequences. I also was more aware of standing and stretching while at work or just hanging out at home. Unfortunately, life got in the way and sleep or other forms of exercise took place of stretching. I miss the good deep stretch feeling, and hope to get back into it in 2013.

6)JUDGE LESS: Ehhhhhhhhhhh, C+/B
I went through phases with this one.  I became very understanding and actively chose to not bad mouth or bad think about people that made me mad. And then there were times where obscenities and rude comments flew out of my mouth without hesitation. I continued to let people's opinions and actions bother me, when they really shouldn't have. There were still moments where I silently judged a friend or colleague or family member even though I knew I was being rude. I'm still trying, so I guess I'll leave it at that. 

7) Actually create and stick to a budget. EPIC FAIL!
Nothing to write here, except EPIC FAIL!

8) Stop wasting time (i.e. too much computer and too much tv) C
I was good and I was bad. I usually am NOT on the comp blogging at home, I do that at work [shh]. But, sometimes when C and I are hanging out we are both on the comp searching on Facebook, kickball forums or just news. We also watch way too much TV together. Even though they are just reruns while eating dinner, I think we wasted time we could have been prepping food for the next day, chatting or organizing. I don't want technology to run my life, so I'm going to try to deTV/Comp/phone when I'm at home. 

Overall I think I was average. Just a C.

Better than failing, but not GOOD.

I plan to keep a few of these in 2013, 
but make them more of a lifestyle change,
instead of a resolution.

Did you make resolutions?
If so how are they going?
If not why?!


Nikki said...

I think we can all use to back off the computer and or TV and or electronics in general. Or at least I know I can! I'm with ya girly!

Jenn said...

I think you're too hard on yourself. I would rank you much higher in the areas that I know about you. Maybe your next resolution should be to be less hard on yourself :) I think you're great and you do a great job. You're also HUMAN :)

Georgina Castellucci said...

Lol I usually blog at work too (but during my off time - when I'm in the office earlier than my designated start time!)

Love how honest you were about your successes and near (or total) misses. We can only aspire to do better, it sounds like you're doing just that!

Holly said...

Great recap of your goals and a good way to hold yourself accountable! I think you did pretty darn good, a lot better than I would have in some of those categories. Hubby and I are definitely working on the less TV/computer time at home this year but winter has made that hard to do so far.

SHAYNA said...

These are all good & aren't going to all happen over night! It's hard to start a bunch of new things at once plus, you had some set backs! Just pick up where you left off & move forward! You'll do great in 2013!

Carolyn said...

Hey... c's are passing! :) Love you friend!

Alisha said...

What a great idea to grade your resolutions! I love it! I am going to have to start doing that!!

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

Make a budget girl! :)

Janna Renee said...

Haha you know I have tried to help you on the budget end ;) I go through phases on the anger issues too. It's mostly easy to be accepting and not let things get me mad, but every now and then...people just baffle me!