December 29, 2011

2011 Resolutions Recap

Ohhhhhhhhhh Thursday, why are you NOT FRIDAY!?!?! Welp, not much I can do about it so on we go, head held high....are ya with me?!!?

2011 is coming to an end a wow it was a pretty fabulous year. I plan to recap the year tomorrow (let's HOPE I actually get around to know me...VEGAS POST!?!?!) with fun pictures, but let's just say I'm UBER happy with the year. I thought it would be fun to check in on my resolutions/goals I had for 2011 which you can find *here* . Check-check-check IT OUT!

I am very ashamed of this grade, I should have done better and I didn't. There are no excuses, there are no words, there are no reasons, I just didn't do what I needed to do. 

Thanks to my shin splints and negative attitude this was a huge fail. I am a good 8-10 pounds heavier now than I was at the beginning of the year. I can only blame my injury so much, but not being able to just go out and run or do HIIT at home really really hurt my body image. I SHOULD have been more proactive in finding other forms of exercise to burn calories and I SHOULD have eaten much better. I very disappointed in myself for two reasons.
1) I let my injury get the best of me.
2) I became complacent and let myself think it was OK to slack off because I was hurt.
Looking back I am very upset with myself because of my lack of motivation and how poorly I really treated my body.

DINGDINGDING we have a LOSER!!! Seriously ya'll this resolution/goal didn't even get off the ground. Houston we CAN'T have a problem because well, it was never started. I maybe maybe MAYBE looked at a spreadsheet four times...I mean twice. There isn't really anything left to say but I completely sucked at trying to budget. HashtagEPICFAIL!

As horrendous as my performance was with #3 I will say I'm proud of my progress with this resolution. I hate hate HATE confrontation and while the idea still doesn't THRILL me, I will say I am more comfortable speaking my mind. I had to speak up for myself a lot last year with my roommate situation and I am better for it. I will still wait a day before bringing something up to a close friend or the BF, but that is just because I like to make sure what is bothering me is something legit. C and I have had our fair share of discussions, arguments and talks and I am proud of the way I presented my side. Since C does not like confrontation either, I have had to grow in this area quicker than expected, but I believe I am a stronger person for it.

Again, I am pretty happy with my performance with this resolution. My walls are completely down with Le Beau and this happened pretty early in the year. Working on NOT WORRYING is a daily struggle for me though. I am not a worrywart, but if something goes wrongish I tend to get more flustered than I should. I have become better at recognizing what is IMPORTANT and needs to be worried about and what doesn't. As I read on one of my favorite blogs "If it's not an 8 DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!"

As resolutions go, I don't think I did as well as expect and that kind of bums me out. However, my year really was fantastic overall and so I can't be too upset. For 2012 I think I need to tweak and modify some goals and really figure out what I WANT TO work on and what I CAN work on.

How did ya'll do with your resolutions for 2011? Share the good the bad and the ugly!!!! <3


Holly said...

Love this post! I like how you graded yourself on your resolutions. I think you did pretty darn good! Better than me, I don't make them because I know I won't keep them ha. Shameful!

Happy Thursday :)

P.S. I'm adding your button to my blog!

Carolyn said...

I hear ya on working out and budgeting. HAHA I failed at those too. Here's hoping 2012 makes both of those things easier! :)

Jenn said...

I don't think you're alone in the areas where you claim that you failed. I think it's great to recognize the aras yo can improve, tho. Just make sure you dont agonize over it. You're human, and you're allowed to make mistakes. Knowing you, those areas wont really be issues for you now that you've acknowledged them :)

Alyssa said...

This is a great list! I can totally relate to most of them!

Janna Renee said...

I don't do the whole resolution thing, because I feel like you should be re-evaluating your goals consistently, not just on New Year's ;) Ps. I'm REALLY good at budgeting, so if you need any help-let me know! I'm also good with weight management sans excercise with an emphasis on eating habits....xoxox

The PvdH Journal said...

You know what? You actually inspired me to do a proper list of resolutions this year- write it down and actually analyse them at the end of next year. I am always so bad and have stopped doing it!

Hope you have a great end to the year!

Page Twenty-Two said...

I hear ya on the budget failure!! I made one of those handy dandy spreadsheets and updated it for a whole month in 2011:(! Here's to hoping we both can fix that in 2012:) Good luck!!