December 9, 2011

Confession Fridays

{one} This week's Friday 100% deserves an AMEN! My week was u b e r l o n g, super cahrazy (pole climbing anyone?) and I am so thankful the weekend starts tomorrow.

{two} Anyone else wish we had a day to recover from our weekends? During the holidays' mine are always packedtothemaximus with St. Nick workshops, Christmas pageants, Holiday parties, gatherings, Christmas Shopping, baking and decorating.

{three} I am completely on the Hart of Dixie bandwagon. Rachel Bilson is adorable and the cast is amazeballs. It doesn't hurt that the set they use is the old Gilmore Girls set either.

 :::::And PAH-LEASE check out this hottie-beau-bottie! Wade, you are the reason the South is so steamy:::::

{four} Lemon Breeland scares the BAJEEEBIES outta me!!! Seriously, if the south is truly filled with women like her I don't think I will ever be able to move down there. She would eat me alive! Southern friends please say it isn't so?

{five} While listening to the Transiberian Orchestra Holiday station on Pandora this handsome young man's CD picture came up. I now believe I will be trying to find the CD because of his that bad!?!?

 {six} I can't believe I almost have 50 followers?!?!? Thank you everyone for following, I never thought ANYONE would ever read this blog. Ya'll make my HEARTSMILE and I am so thankful for all of your sweet comments!

 {seven} There is a DC blogger meet up this Sunday and I am 12 kinds of excited and a gobzillion kinds of nervous! I can't wait to meet new people, but I only know 1 of the girls attending....EEEEEK!

{eight} I walked out of my house in jeans, sweatshirt and without a stitch of makeup on. Don't judge me ladies, I had 20 minutes to get ready.... ;)

Have a FABULOUS DAY LOVEBUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jenn said...

Sunday will be UBER fun! :)

Holly said...

Hell yes for the weekend! I agree, an incredibly long week needs an incredible weekend :) Have fun at the blogger meet up!

Table4One said...

I found your blog through the link up with Leslie!!! Um is Jim Brickman not oh so hot?!?!!? I love him! My mom and I are going to see him in concert next week! As for Lemon "scaring" you - not all southern women are like that, just some. I'm not quite that bad but I can have some Lemon streaks in me not going to lie :)

Meagan said...

Yes, southern women can be really scary! But, I'm not one of them, promise. Um, and maybe I sound like a total idiot, but I cannot figure out your job(besides climbing poles!). Happy Friday!

Monica said...

I have to watch that show & see what your talking about! I left the house in a rush today too, no makeup and frumpy looking..happens to the best of us

Michelle P said...

I took today off from work, so my weekend started early!

One Haute Mess said...

I have never seen Hart of Dixie but I looove Rachel Bilson, so I may have to check that out!

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! It seriously like MAKES MY DAY whenever I get a comment that's from someone besides my mom.

xoxo caitlin

Amy Holmes Hottel said...

Hi! popping in for confessions!!! I totally love Hart of Dixie. Lemon can totally be crazy and some southern women can. In some ways I strive to be Lemon, without the scary crazy :-P

lori said...

a blogger meet up will be SO fun! i am hoping to find some ladies to do one with in my area some time.

i left the house in jeans, a sweatshirt and no make up today too! no judgment here! ;)

Carolyn said...

OMG! Completely didn't notice that Hart of Dixie is on the Gilmore Girls set. GOOD EYE! :)